Advanced Bidding: In-app header bidding reimagined

Innovation in monetization

Building upon our years of expertise in mobile-first mediation and real-time bidding, Advanced Bidding is the complete reimagination of header bidding for the mobile app environment. It's designed to help publishers more efficiently monetize their inventory by replacing the traditional ad waterfall with simultaneous real-time bidding (RTB) from ad networks and DSPs.

Our unique position as the ad platform of choice for app publishers, and as a leading in-app RTB exchange with over 180 demand sources, gives us the distinctive ability to run a true unified auction and accelerate the adoption of app bidding at scale.

Does it work? Our Advanced Bidding whitepaper details MoPub’s approach to running A/B tests designed to uncover the impact of Advanced Bidding compared to a traditional waterfall-based mediation approach. It includes best practices for testing methdology and results seen by leading mobile app publishers Uken Games and Publishers Clearing House.

You can also learn more in our case study with GSN Games, who saw a 13% increase in ARPDAU when testing Advanced Bidding.

What's in it for Publishers and Buyers?

  • Publishers
  • Buyers
  • Drives up yield by increasing competition for the impression
  • Increases auction efficiency by moving from historical pricing to real-time pricing
  • Improves operational efficiency by simplifying the ad management setup
  • Reduces latency from cascading down the waterfall
  • Improves inventory access for real-time buyers
  • Levels playing field by moving from historical to real-time pricing
  • Increases auction efficiency by improving pricing transparency
  • Helps advertisers to achieve campaign objectives and improve performance

Hear from leading app publishers

Why MoPub for in-app header bidding?

Unlike competitive solutions, MoPub and Advanced Bidding check all the boxes that matter most:

Expertise in RTB auctions



MoPub has operated the leading mobile real-time bidding exchange at scale for years; we're now applying this expertise to bring networks into RTB. When DSPs and networks compete, publishers win.

Support of all ad formats



Native, fullscreen, rewarded video and more: we support publishers' growth with access to all ad formats, so they are ready when there's a shift in their ad monetization strategy.

Deep understanding of the nuances of in-app


Both MoPub and Advanced Bidding are mobile-first. We've focused on building for apps since the beginning, so there are no attempts to copy/paste desktop solutions and no legacy desktop baggage.

Complete transparency and control


MoPub puts publishers in the driver's seat. We are the only ad platform with full transparency and control for the unified auction and waterfall.

A true unified auction



Advanced Bidding is deeply integrated into the primary ad platform, allowing a true unified auction: bringing together direct deals, real-time and waterfall networks, and DSP demand to compete for each impression.

Critical mass in SDK adoption



We're trusted by more than 55,000 apps around the world, which means MoPub is best positioned to accelerate the adoption of in-app bidding at scale.

All popular ad formats are supported

Rewarded Video
Rewarded Video


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