10 years in, we're looking to the future.

MoPub is celebrating our tenth anniversary! From our early startup days, to our acquisition by Twitter, to our growth and expansion around the globe — it’s certainly been a lively journey with many clients, partners, and friends to thank along the way.

As we reflect back, it's clear that in today's chaotic digital ecosystem it's more important than ever to choose a partner you can trust. At MoPub, we believe in shared values that will power both short-term and long-term growth for your business. We're proud to be 10 years into serving our mission of making mobile in-app work for app publishers, demand-side partners, and advertisers, and we're looking forward to the next 10.

From great client events to major product launches, we're thinking about our favorite #MoPubMoment(s) over the past 10 years. Have one to share? We'd love for you to tweet it with #MoPubMoment:

How we're celebrating

The Next 10

As part of our anniversary festivities, we’re honoring 10 clients and partners on our Next 10 list. The Next 10 celebrates companies driving forward the future of mobile apps and mobile advertising for the next 10 years (and beyond). Check out who made the list and why — and please know we’d like to thank each and every one of our clients personally if we could.

Partnering with
Games for Change

We’re excited to commemorate this anniversary by partnering with Games for Change, a nonprofit that empowers game creators and social innovators to drive real-world impact through games and immersive media. Learn more about our partnership with Games for Change.

MoPub moments

While there’s a lot to be excited about in our future, we also took a minute to reflect. See a quick video with some of the top “MoPub moments” in our history that we’re most proud of, and we’d like to invite you to tweet your favorite #MoPubMoment as well.


The Next 10: Companies moving the mobile industry forward

As we think back on the past ten years and look to the future, we’re filled with gratitude. Our clients are a special group; it’s truly an honor to work with so many dedicated, passionate, forward-thinking people across the industry. As part of our anniversary festivities, we’re honoring 10 clients and partners on our Next 10 list. The Next 10 celebrates companies driving forward the future of mobile apps and mobile advertising as we look to the next 10 years (and beyond).

Here's the list, from A to Z:

Activision: Gaming creative expert

Activision makes some of the most successful games in the world, like Call of Duty®. They began working with the MoPub Marketer Program in late 2019 to evolve their programmatic marketing strategy, with a goal of diversifying channels and finding new ways to scale. Because Call of Duty Mobile is so popular and their advertising had already been expansive, Activision had reached a saturation point and needed to further refine their strategy to find additional reach for their user acquisition campaigns. With an iconic brand and extremely well-known games, Activision wanted to make sure their campaigns showcased what their players love, which meant that creative played a major role in their programmatic strategy from day one. Embracing interactive video and playable ad formats to maximize engagement, Activision dedicated time to countless creative concepts and iterations, then used programmatic to do A/B testing and creative optimization in real time. While many marketers aren’t starting their campaigns at the scale and success level of Activision, the focus on creative is a strategy they can certainly learn from. And as a partner who understands the importance of both creative and data — and how these can work together — we’re enthusiastic about seeing how Activision further harnesses the power of programmatic in the Next 10. 

Audiomack: Innovators in music streaming monetization

Audiomack is an artist-first music streaming platform that allows creators to share unlimited music and podcast content for free, along with tools to help them expand their audiences. In order to scale as a platform that would help artists find fans without charging distribution fees, Audiomack led the way as a true innovator in music streaming monetization. In-app ads have always been a large revenue driver for Audiomack, and today subscriptions and festivals have been added to the mix. At MoPub, we appreciate Audiomack’s commitment to innovation and ingenuity, from developing creative ways to enhance the user experience through native ads, to being an early adopter of cutting-edge solutions like Advanced Bidding (which drove a major increase in revenue for Audiomack). As a partner who’s always willing to test, innovate, and adopt new solutions, we’re looking forward to what Audiomack brings to the music industry in the Next 10.

Bayer: Programmatic in-housing leader

Bayer Consumer Health, maker of popular self-care products like Aleve®, Claritin® and Flintstones Vitamins® set themselves apart in the programmatic advertising scene when they decided to bring programmatic buying in-house in 2018. It’s a move that not only allowed Bayer to create efficiency in its overall digital spend and to be extremely attentive to the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions at each stage of media planning, activation, and optimization. As an advertiser buying programmatically across the MoPub exchange for the past few years, we’ve seen that Bayer is proficient at identifying and targeting the right audiences at scale. Bayer’s diligence and marketing expertise set them up for success in an area where many advertisers have failed — attempting to bring their campaigns in-house only to find themselves unprepared and understaffed for the endeavor. Bayer stands out as a shining example of how in-housing can drive success when done thoughtfully, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they continue to grow their in-house expertise for the Next 10 years.

BitMango: Data-driven leader

BitMango, creator of chart-topping puzzle gaming apps like Word Cookies!® and Block! Hexa Puzzle™, was one of the first gaming studios in Korea to focus on app monetization via in-app advertising. Today they’re one of the biggest gaming publishers in Korea, with apps that are hits in the US, UK, France, and around the world. BitMango’s success can be partly credited to their data-driven approach to sophisticated ad monetization. They constantly experiment and make decisions accordingly and according to the data, from their expert MoPub waterfall management, to testing and quickly adopting Advanced Bidding, to building a refined internal business intelligence system that allows them to work efficiently across partners to maximize ad monetization. We also admire the importance BitMango places on knowledge-sharing across the industry, which includes hosting an semi-annual publishing day. As BitMango continues to grow and experiment, we’re confident that their focus on collecting and using the right data to drive decisions means we’ll see many more top apps from this publisher in the Next 10.

Liftoff: User acquistion forerunner

Liftoff, a complete mobile app marketing platform and MoPub DSP partner since 2013, played an industry-leading role in developing the user acquisition (UA) side of programmatic advertising and later complimenting this with retargeting. Liftoff’s UA expertise extends across regions, ad formats, and verticals. The company was a forerunner in helping advertisers initially across non-gaming verticals including dating, finance, and ecommerce and later gaming genres take advantage of programmatic UA. Liftoff continues to innovate by pushing clients to think beyond installs when they consider their KPIs, and their machine learning model is widely considered one of the strongest in mobile performance marketing for post-install campaign optimization. At MoPub, we also admire the leadership role Liftoff has played as a forerunner in programmatic education and events designed to move the industry forward, from regular data trends reports to the Mobile Heroes program; the value placed on thought leadership and education is one that we share. As we move into the Next 10, we’re excited to continue working with forward-thinking partners like Liftoff to help even more advertisers around the world take advantage of programmatic.

Playrix: Gaming leader, programmatic expert

European-based Playrix is known for chart-topping games like Gardenscapes, Homescapes, Fishdom, and Wildscapes. MoPub has the pleasure of working with Playrix for both ad monetization as well as user acquisition (UA) through our MoPub Marketer Program. Playrix’s UA strategy has led them to become a major global buyer on MoPub Marketplace, our in-app programmatic exchange, and over the years they’ve established themselves as true programmatic experts. Transparency and data set programmatic apart, and Playrix takes full advantage: their decision-making is driven by the data, and they’re constantly testing in order to optimize. On the monetization side, Playrix was an early mover in the rewarded video space which helped drive massive revenue scale; today, they work closely with the MoPub team to maximize their ARPDAU and save time with waterfall optimizations. At MoPub, we find it particularly satisfying to work with a partner with not only highly successful games, but also such a deep understanding of the power of programmatic advertising, and we’re looking forward to seeing Playrix continue to top the charts for the Next 10.

MoPub_Next10_The Trade Desk
The Trade Desk: Agnostic programmatic connector

The Trade Desk empowers brands to take control of their programmatic experience. As an independent option outside the walled-garden duopoly, brands and agencies look to The Trade Desk as an agnostic programmatic connector with a self-serve platform that allows them to take direct control of their programmatic campaigns. As a MoPub DSP partner since 2013, we’ve seen first-hand how The Trade Desk stands out in the ease of use of their platform, the breadth of their partnerships across the ad tech ecosystem, and the depth of their cross-device identity graph solution. At MoPub, we also particularly appreciate The Trade Desk’s thought leadership in the in-app space, helping dispel myths that continue to hold many advertisers back from taking advantage of programmatic in-app inventory. (For example: in-app is a great place to find your desired audience, and it’s both measurable and viewable.) We’re delighted to partner with The Trade Desk to continue helping brands realize the potential of in-app and moving the programmatic industry forward for the Next 10.

Verizon Media: Masters of innovation

As a leading omnichannel demand partner, Verizon Media brings spend from many of the world’s top brands and performance advertisers to mobile. MoPub has been a longtime partner of companies under the Verizon umbrella and has watched the evolution of massive growth through consolidation of the mobile advertising ecosystem — including Jumptap, Millennial Media, AOL, Yahoo. Verizon stands out as a master of consolidation, excelling at driving growth through successful acquisitions and innovations. As we know well from MoPub’s own acquisition by Twitter, it’s no easy feat to navigate through the complexities of acquisitions and technology integrations; Verizon has been able to not just do this, but to come out on the other side with a stronger, growing business. Today, Verizon’s global spend from leading advertisers, embracing of innovative mobile formats such as native, and focus on direct-to-publisher relationships through partners such as MoPub means that this is a partner that we continue to expect big things from in the Next 10.

Voodoo: Hyper-casual gaming pioneer

Simply put, the hyper-casual gaming industry — one of the hottest forms of mobile apps — would not be where it is today without Voodoo. Paris-based Voodoo started working with MoPub in 2014 as a small publisher who had just launched a couple of gaming apps; today, Voodoo operates a massive app publishing business that helps hypercasual app developers around the globe bring their games to market. A true pioneer in the hypercasual space, Voodoo became a master of user acquisition and ad monetization, figured out how to scale hyper-casual as a business model, and today is the one of the foremost hypercasual game publishing studios in the world. Voodoo is known for not just scaling gaming apps with high numbers of downloads, but also for the quality of those apps — most of which reach the top of the charts. Voodoo is also constantly on the lookout for innovative news ways to drive success: they were an early adopter of Advanced Bidding, helped influence the design of MoPub’s impression-level revenue data solution, and built a custom, automated business platform on top of the MoPub platform. At MoPub, we’re very excited to continue to have the continued opportunity to work with Voodoo and are looking forward to seeing how game publishing changes and grows over the Next 10.

Zynga: Acquisition trendsetter

Zynga, maker of top apps like Words With Friends and FarmVille and a MoPub partner since 2014, hardly needs an introduction — they’re one of the best-known names in the mobile app gaming world. But in addition to developing extremely popular games of their own, Zynga set themselves apart with a trendsetting strategic acquisition strategy that drove a major turnaround for the company. Over the past few years, Zynga acquired a list of leading gaming publishers (many of whom also worked and continue to work with MoPub), including Harpan, Peak Games, Gram Games, Small Giant Games, and Rollic Games. Consolidation in the space via acquisitions has grown, as other publishers have seen how successful Zynga has been at using their resources to scale great apps from these top gaming companies. And beyond acquisitions, Zynga’s always been focused on new opportunities for innovative monetization; they were one of the first alpha testers for MoPub’s Advanced Bidding solution, which became so successful that they now use it across their portfolio of apps. At MoPub, we’re excited to see how Zynga’s strategy continues to evolve as the global gaming market continues to grow for the Next 10.


Partnering with

Games for Change

We’re excited to commemorate this anniversary by partnering with Games for Change, a nonprofit that empowers game creators and social innovators to drive real-world impact through games and immersive media. MoPub will be sponsoring the Games For Change Student Challenge, a national game-based learning and game design competition that brings together cohorts of teachers, students, and industry gaming professionals.

Games for Change will also be added to MoPub's #BackfillForGood program in partnership with #TwitterForGood. This program is part of our emerging Twitter for Nonprofits program, a strategy to lift and amplify voices of nonprofits and our community partners around the world. At MoPub, we pride ourselves on working with many of the best mobile gaming app publishers in the world today; this sponsorship helps power the next generation of amazing games and developers.


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