Understand true ads LTV with impression-level revenue data

Granular and accurate impression-level data is crucial to mobile in-app publishers regardless of their monetization model. Mobile app publishers monetizing with advertising and/or in-app purchases often rely on paid user acquisition to reach and retain new users. As a result, they need to understand both the cost to acquire and the revenue generated by each new user.

MoPub's impression-level revenue solution gives our full-platform publishers the flexibility to either process this data themselves or send it to their partners such as Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Kochava, Singular, SOOMLA, and Tenjin for deeper analysis and reporting. Our SDK-based solution enables publishers and third-party analytics and attribution providers to more easily ingest the data through an existing integration, rather than having to create a new API. 

How is impression-level revenue data different?

Simply dividing the total revenue generated on a specific ad placement by the number of users that engaged with that ad placement will result in all users being assigned the same average value. Using averages leads to an inaccurate representation of the user’s ad revenue value and can make for a poor foundation for any ads LTV calculations.

MoPub’s impression-level revenue data solution enables full-platform publishers to leverage data to better understand their users by adhering to these three guiding principles:


Get access to revenue data at the impression level in real-time once an ad impression is triggered.


Receive a clear understanding of the precision of the revenue data. Distinguish between metrics that are exact (from real-time auctions) vs. estimated (from ad networks).


Use the data in your own business intelligence stack, or send to external partners for deeper analysis and reporting.

What’s in it for you?

Access to this level of data about your users pays tremendous dividends. It enables you to:

● Understand the true value of each user: Augment your proprietary in-app purchase (IAP) revenue data to create a holistic view of your users’ LTV.

● Take user acquisition to the next level: Attribute your ad-based revenues to each user acquisition (UA) campaign, in order to better measure the profitability of your campaigns.

● Monetize different users differently: Offer additional ad reward opportunities to valuable users who are likely to engage with ads.

Common use cases

Make smarter UA decisions

Sophisticated publishers and their UA managers can make more informed user acquisition decisions by attributing ads revenue back to the campaigns that acquired those users. For example, publishers can pass this granular data to their attribution and measurement partner of choice, who can determine that a specific campaign resulted in new users that drive positive ROI. This can then signal publishers to focus on increasing their spend on those channels in an attempt to acquire more similar users.

Customize monetization strategies

Publishers leveraging both IAP and ads can use impression-level data to improve their user experience while also fueling their monetization strategy. For instance, publishers could use the data to identify users who are valued higher by advertisers, and could potentially generate higher earnings by offering more ad opportunities. The publisher might also decide not to funnel these users into an IAP model unless the potential for revenue is higher.

The mobile app growth cycle

What our clients say:

"We are extremely excited about the level of granularity and precision the impression-level revenue data from MoPub provides. With a more accurate and precise view of the ad revenue across each user and campaigns, we are able to spend more effectively and efficiently across different marketing channels and double down on what works."

Scott Koenigsberg, SVP of Product, Zynga

"Here at Madbox, user experience is a top priority for all of our apps. We work very hard to acquire each user and want them to stick around for as long as possible. Having visibility into what engages each user, be it an ad or an IAP event, helps us tailor the game-play to each user to better their experience. This wouldn’t be possible without the impression-level revenue data."

Jonathan Hattab, CTO, Madbox

Work with the leading attribution and measurement providers

Process the data directly with your own internal BI, or pass it to a mobile measurement, attribution and analytics provider. We’ve worked closely with these mobile measurement, attribution and analytics providers to ensure proper ingestion of MoPub data, so that you can work with the provider of your choice with confidence.

Adjust AppsFlyer Branch Kochava Singular Soomla Tenjin

What the industry is saying:

"Providing our clients with a holistic view of their ad revenue for better optimization is our primary goal. The MoPub solution provides an unprecedented level of granularity and clarity into the impression data which is critical to our clients in making an informed decision."

Paul H. Müller
CTO, Adjust

“Attribution data is the source of crucial decisions, and having a clear understanding of the precision of the data is as important as having precise data itself. A false sense of data accuracy could lead to bad business decisions and suboptimal results. MoPub’s impression-level revenue data product enables marketers to have visibility into data precision with the goal of acquiring users more intelligently and profitably.”

Elad Mashiach
VP Partner Development, AppsFlyer

"Our mission is to offer seamless experiences and reliable, accurate measurement across all channels and platforms. With the help of this impression level revenue data from MoPub, publishers can make more informed business decisions to drive ROI and acquire high-quality users."

Eric Stein
EVP and GM, Branch Metrics

"Real-time, row-level ad revenue data introduces a new depth of actionability and insight for apps that rely on ad view monetization. Its immediate availability in the measurement data stream will empower instant optimization to drive better decisions that lead to greater ROI for publishers. It’s exciting to see this development at a time when ad view revenue is becoming an increasingly popular form of app monetization."

Mark Kellogg
Head of Product Operations, Kochava

"Granularity is critical in mobile ad monetization. Understanding the relative value of their ad impressions helps mobile publishers optimize their apps for maximum revenue. It also helps them improve user experience by making decisions that can minimize irrelevant and wasted ads."

Gadi Eliashiv
CEO, Singular

"MoPub doesn’t sell media so there’s no bias. If you are selling media, you can’t be the one doing the measurement. It’s sort of like grading your own homework."

Yaniv Nizan

"MoPub’s solution is an evolution in ad revenue transparency. At Tenjin, we see every model for ad LTV estimation that developers use today and integrating MoPub’s solution will allow developers to increase accuracy and marketing efforts for better monetization and user experience."

Christopher Farm
CEO, Tenjin


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