MoPub Demand Newsletter, June 2016

Our goal is to provide our demand partners with a monthly update on everything you need to know about what's happening at MoPub and in the mobile programmatic industry. [article title="Supply quality" image=""] Supply quality is one of the most important aspects of any mobile ad campaign, and one of the major issues that can affect supply quality is fraud. We're pleased to announce that we've partnered with Forensiq, an industry-leading platform for ad fraud detection. Our partnership seeks to heighten supply quality across the more then 45,000 mobile apps on MoPub Marketplace — and to assure marketers that industry leaders are working together to prevent bad actors from deteriorating mobile supply quality.
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Want to learn more about how fraud can impact the mobile ecosystem? Part I of our Supply Quality whitepaper series is available now.
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PMP Opportunities: Summer Olympics

It won't be long before the world's eyes are focused on the Summer Olympics. Private marketplaces (PMPs) can help bring more advertiser spend through your platform by providing exclusive access to high value inventory at guaranteed prices. This month we focus on PMP opportunities that can help you connect with sports fans, who will likely be tuned in to the action in Rio. big duck games logo  App Name: Goal Live big duck games logo  App Name: Score! Hero   App Name: Dream League Soccer 2016 big duck games logo  App Name: TheScore Interested in setting up a PMP? Reach out to your account manager or

New case study: video

Fashion app Shapely worked with our DSP partner Appreciate to run a video ad campaign on MoPub. Results included:
  • 400% increase in app installs
  • Reached 1.3M unique devices
  • 3,000% more purchase events than previously-existing channels
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[article title="Partner Spotlight: 6 Questions for Kerry Pearce, Sr. Vice President of Product and Engineering at UberMedia " image="" anchor="spotlight"] What trends do you see in Mobile Programmatic right now?  Concerns about fraud and viewability potentially offsetting a growing confidence in the mobile programmatic space. What’s your favourite MoPub product? The demand platform, of course! What are the biggest misconceptions in the market right now? That there are serious viewability issues for in-app advertising.  There are issues, but it shouldn’t be holding advertisers back from spend. Crystal ball: what will we be talking about in the next 6-12 months? Location, location, location!  Real world traffic attribution made possible by the fact that we all carry around mobile devices constantly. What’s one thing you wish you could tell mobile app publishers? Don’t hesitate to reach out to DSPs/Buyers about deals. Bonus: Where is your favorite place to travel? I love history, and being able to experience the history at every turn while traveling in Europe is just amazing. From UberMedia: UberMedia is the leader in high-performance mobile advertising solutions and real-world location measurement. [/article]


New & Featured Apps

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