MoPub Demand Newsletter: March 2016

Our goal is to provide our demand partners with a monthly update on everything you need to know about what's happening at MoPub and in the mobile programmatic industry. [article title="PRODUCT UPDATES" image=""] Rewarded Video We're excited to launch the beta program for DSPs to begin buying rewarded video on MoPub Marketplace by the end of March. Interested in joining the beta program? Please contact your account team or
Reminder: All DSPs must integrate OpenRTB 2.3 by March 31! We're thrilled by the success our partners have had in integrating our OpenRTB 2.3 spec. If you have not already done so, please get in touch with your MoPub account team or with your integration status as soon as possible - the deadline is approaching! [/article]  

PMP Opportunities: Zynga

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Private marketplaces (PMPs) can help bring more advertiser spend through your platform by providing exclusive access to high value inventory at guaranteed prices. This month our featured "SponsoredPLAY" PMP comes from premier gaming publisher Zynga.

SponsoredPLAY PMP

Studio E Zynga’s Studio E team creates, designs, and develops custom SponsoredPLAY engagements to deliver a new and interactive way for players to engage with brands.

Key Metrics • Avg Rich Media Engagement Rate: 3-8% • Avg Static Engagement Rate (Click): 1%

Brand Lift • A Placed attribution study showed that Zynga players were 715% more likely to visit a store after viewing the creative.*

Interested in this opportunity? Please reach out to your MoPub account team or contact Zynga's Andy Everson, zynga pmp

  *All data courtesy of Zynga Inc. All rights reserved.

Video on MoPub

Thinking about running video ads? Here's what you should know. Learn more here.
[article title="Partner Spotlight: 6 Questions for Appreciate Chief Business Officer Inbar Chap" image="" anchor="spotlight"] What trends do you see in Mobile Programmatic?   Smarter, cleaner and more efficient. We see a trend where richer data is being made available with the media. Specifically, more data is sent in the bid requests. This allows us to offer our advertisers better targeting and more intelligent media buying for their advertising campaigns. We see increasing awareness and tighter control on the media from the SSP side, resulting in more transparent and “cleaner” (non fraud) media. Lastly, as the standards evolve (RTB 2.3) and more extensions are being folded/transitioned properly into the bid requests, the traffic and CPU consumption is much more efficient resulting in lower costs and higher performance for our advertisers.   What’s your favorite MoPub product? Native Ads. Native ads are performing very well for our demand partners. Click through rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CR) are higher compared with banners and are more efficient even when taking into account the higher media costs. Native format is a great way to engage users and working well for our demand partners. We look forward to the newest Mopub format Native Video.   What’s the biggest misconception in the market right now? There is a misconception about DSPs - specifically their role in the value chain and what value they bring. Many miss on the value that DSPs have to offer in running effective/intelligent brand and performance campaigns. RTB offers more than an efficient way to auction inventory - it offers wealth of data which, if leveraged properly by a DSP, can dramatically change the performance/effectiveness of a campaign. Underestimating the importance of choosing a DSP, in many ways, underestimates the value that RTB has to offer beyond simply auctioning media more effectively. The key to leverage this data is a strong technological platform which can turn the wealth of data into meaningful purchase decisions in real time, all without compromising scale. One of our key areas of focus when developing our platform is to intelligently process any bid request in sub milliseconds in order to ensure both scale and highest performance standards (ROI or user response/awareness) for our advertisers.   Crystal ball: what will we be talking about in the next 6-12 months? I believe we will increasingly see the discussion around Exchanges and DSPs moving away from just how much media is being bought and at what price, to how effective these platforms are in helping advertisers reach their business goals. For example, if we’re talking about performance campaigns such as app installs, I believe we will see the existing transition from CPM focused campaigns to CPI further extended into the CPA. I.e. we will see more advertisers looking to DSP to help them measure and improve not only costs per install, but also users life-time as measured by value post install events such as purchase, search or others. The same logic applies to branding campaigns, I believe advertisers will move, as an example, from video completion to tracking and improving business goals such as what type of audience is being reached, what level of engagement is being reached rather than just tracking number of video completion. This will require tighter co-operation and more data sharing between advertisers and DSPs which will require more trust and closer working relationships between advertisers, their marketing teams and DSPs.   What’s one thing you wish you could tell mobile app publishers? Advertising is a way to monetize traffic that is true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to come at the  expense of user experience. Advertising can also be looked at as another service which can be offered to your users. I believe it is important to think through how advertising can be relevant to your users by choosing the right ad units to match your app’s user experience and by transparently sharing relevant non personal information to advertisers so they can offer more relevant advertisements to your users. How has Triapodi solved mobile programmatic for advertisers using mopub? The advertisers set the business goals, Appreciate, on its end, leverages MoPub’s quality media and wealth of data to meet most effectively those business goals. Sounds simple, but it requires a very strong/scalable and intelligent platform that can continuously measure, track and optimize campaigns in real time. Appreciate is a self serve DSP/RTB platform and we specialize in in-app traffic.  The level of sophistication and specifically the number of possibilities and wealth of data in RTB can be overwhelming. We invest heavily in our technology to make the lives of our advertisers as easiest as possible and to make campaigns as effective as possible. Our platform allows advertisers to set, in simple terms, their business goals, and basic targeting. From that moment it is Appreciate which does the heavy lifting leveraging the amount of media and accompanying data in order to create a campaign which is transparent, can be easily monitored and is the most effective.   Where's your favorite place to travel? For me the best place to travel is Colombia.  I am an Israeli who grew up in Bogota, Colombia. Colombia is an amazing country to travel, with a variety of places to see including a mix of nature, mountains and lovely beaches.  Even more important are its warm people and amazing food.   From Inbar: Appreciate is a revolutionary mobile bidding platform tailored specifically for in-app mobile campaigns. Appreciate is a self serve DSP/RTB platform built to meet advertisers business goals using algorithms that perform! [/article]

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