The Dashboard offers a single, comprehensive view of all your app revenue data — including ad networks, MoPub Marketplace, and direct campaigns. With the Dashboard, you can compare how your ad sources are performing to develop actionable insights that help grow your business.
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Drill down on ad performance

Dashboard filters offer a quick and easy way to drill down into the data that matters most to you. Once you filter by app, platform, ad size, or ad source, you can easily analyze revenue, eCPMs, fill rates and CTR — and save your favorite views. You can also see a breakdown of your impressions by ad source to understand how your inventory is allocated.

Easily compare ad sources

The Dashboard’s intuitive design makes it easy to compare performance across ad sources and to visualize changes in key metrics. Get a detailed breakdown of your revenue with graphs and tables that highlight daily performance by ad source. See the most relevant data to your analysis by filtering for data from specific campaigns or networks.

Develop monetization strategies

The Dashboard highlights the metrics that matter most when you are evaluating your advertising strategy. From reviewing impressions by platform to analyzing trends among ad networks, the Dashboard provides a flexible view of your business. With historical performance data at your fingertips, you can easily identify risks and opportunities to your monetization strategy.

Updated: December 2018