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Ad Formats

Drive the optimal user experience with the right ad formats. From standard display to cutting-edge video and native ads, we support the formats that best fit your user experience and monetization strategy.


Video-enabled fullscreen ads provide immersive user experiences and typically deliver significantly higher CPMs than fullscreen display ads.

Native Display

Native display ads match the look and layout of an app’s user interface, preserving a seamless experience for users that drives higher engagement.

Native Video

Native video ads bring together the revenue potential of video ads with the seamless user experience of native display ads.

Rewarded Video

Rewarded video ads give users the choice to engage with a video ad in return for an in-app reward, such as points or lives, encouraging the user to stay in the app and driving increased ad revenue.

Rich Media

Our rich media support lets you generate more revenue for display and video inventory, including playable ad creatives, which provide a game-like experience within the ad itself. These interactive experiences can help increase user engagement and drive higher associated CPMs.


Display ads, including fullscreen or interstitial ad units, medium rectangles, and banners, offer strong demand and good fill rates. Fullscreen ads, which fill the interface of the app, tend to generate much higher eCPMs. Traditionally a desktop format, medium rectangles also offer the opportunity to unlock brand spend from desktop advertisers.

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