Mobile Web Integration

MoPub supports a JavaScript tag to integrate our ad serving technology into your mobile websites.

MoPub Mobile Web Tags

  1. Ability to load tags asynchronously: the javascript no longer requires synchronous loading.

  2. Compatibility with HTTPs

  3. Support for banner refresh rates

  4. Automatically hide the ad container when no ad is returned

  5. Ability to request multiple ad units at once

  6. Updated ads to load in an iframe to prevent collisions with publisher’s website

  7. Notify publisher via an event when we cannot fill

  8. No Fill Failover for mediation

Accessing the JavaScript Tag

  • Navigate to your mobile web ad unit by clicking on the Inventory tab and selecting your Mobile Web App.
  • Click on the ad unit name that you want to setup
  • Click on the ‘Code Integration’ button on the top right and you will be taken to the Integration Page
  • Please note that we only support banner formats for mobile web

  • Select ‘SDK Integration’ to access the drop down which contains the MoPub JavaScript tag

  • You will then see the JavaScript tag to setup

You can also copy/paste the code from here:

                //Drop the below script in the head of your site
<script type="text/javascript">
  window.mopub = [{
    ad_unit: "5cb3315a772b4f5bb9bcc4e8464a8345",
    ad_container_id: "YOUR_AD_CONTAINER", // Specify the div or container to which you’d like to the mobile web tag
    ad_width: 320,
    ad_height: 50,
    keywords: "", // Optionally pass keywords as a comma separated list
  } ]; // To load additional ad units, add another object into the array.
  (function() {
    var mopubjs = document.createElement("script");
    mopubjs.async = true;
    mopubjs.type = "text/javascript";
    mopubjs.src = "//";
    var node = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
    node.parentNode.insertBefore(mopubjs, node);

Tag Setup

  • Replace the value for the ad_container_id field with the name of the <div> or <container> that corresponds to the desired ad placement within the page.

Setup in a Third-Party Adserver

  • Insert a <div> directly below the script
  • The value for the ad_container_id field should match the name of the <div> you specified in the step above.
  • Traffic a backfill line item in the MoPub UI

Updated: August 2017