Metamarkets Publisher Guide

Note : Metamarkets data is reconciled daily and is subject to change by a margin of approximately 3% 12 – 24hrs after real time processing. Metamarkets reporting is not used for billing.

Logging into your Metamarkets account

A login is created for your teams’ MoPub Metamarkets account.

Explore View

Use the Explore tab to view data on all of the auctions on your inventory. Some common use-cases include:

  • Identify average bid prices
  • Track net revenue over a time period


Net revenue estimated publisher revenue (this is not used for billing but aligns within 1-3% of your final invoice)
Auctions number of MoPub auctions. This should be roughly equivalent to the number of Marketplace attempts, which may be more or less than the number of ad requests, depending on how your waterfall is setup.
Clicks number of clicks
Auctions Won number of auctions where at least one DSP bid above your price floor
Win Rate number of auctions won / total number of auctions
Cleared number of impressions from the MoPub Marketplace
Clear Rate number of cleared / total number of auctions
CTR click-through rate
Survival Rate number of cleared / number of auctions won
eCPM estimated cost per thousand impressions within the MoPub marketplace
Winning Bid Avg the average highest bid for the selected auctions
Bid Avg the average bid for the selected auctions
Bid Depth Average number of non-zero bids per auction
Competitive Factor Average number of non-zero bids per auction with a winner
Uniques number of unique devices


Publisher the name of you, the publisher
Application the name of your applications
Site the name of your mobile websites
Category the application’s app store category, as selected by you on the MoPub UI, as well as IAB category (MoPub created a mapping between the app store category to an IAB category per DSPs’ request)
Global Aid for Android apps, this is the package name. For iOS apps, this is the iTunes ID
Ad Size the size of the adunit
Adunit internal MoPub ID for your adunit
Adgroup ID internal MoPub ID for the adgroup (line item)
Blocked Categories the IAB categories you have chosen to block from your inventory
Request Video Duration whether you have enabled 15 second video, 30 second video, both to be shown on your inventory
Price Floor the price floor in buckets for the selected auctions
Video Inventory Enabled Inventory enabled for video only or video & static, or not enabled for video
Interstitial Playables Enabled Interstitial playable inventory
Ad Group Name the name of the adgroup (line item)
Ad Group Priority the priority level of the adgroup (line item)
App Version the version of your applications
Inventory Package the MoPub created Inventory Packages that your inventory is a part of
Publisher ID internal MoPub ID for you, the publisher
Request Deal ID the deal ID for the Inventory Package that your inventory is a part of sent in a bid request
Device device type
Device Model model of the device
OS operating system
OS Version operating system version
SDK Version MoPub SDK version
Country user’s country, determined based on user’s IP address
Has Location whether the SDK passes latitude/longitude info
Has Device ID whether the SDK passes device ID or not
Age Range the age ranges of your users (if passed in the bid request)
Carrier Name user's mobile carrier
Gender the gender of your users (if passed in the bid request)
Bidder Name name of the Demand Side Platform buying on the MoPub marketplace
Adomain advertiser domain of the shown ads
Buyer Seat the DSP’s ID for their buyers. Only select few DSPs pass this information correctly.
iURL the sample image URL as reported by the DSP (pasting this in your browser should show you the ad)
Creative MRAID whether the shown ad is MRAID or not
Creative Video Served Type of video that was served
Response Video Duration Winning bid response’s video duration
Creative ID the ID of the creative
Impression Latency time between the auction and impression
Response Deal ID the deal ID for the Inventory Package that your inventory is a part of sent in a bid response, indicating the buyer has bought your inventory via the Inventory Package
Viewability Vendors Response the viewability partner whose tag was used to measure viewability on your inventory

Bookmarks and Downloading Reports

Bookmark views On the main dashboard, select the flag icon to bookmark a view. You can access your saved bookmarks by clicking on the “Bookmarks” tab.
Share views On the main dashboard, select the share icon in the top right corner to share the view with other Metamarket users.
Download data On the main dashboard, select the download icon in the top right corner to download a report on data in the current view.
Updated: November 2017