Supported Mediation Partners

Updated 4/12/2017

MoPub connects you to all the demand that matters. The following demand sources and ad formats are supported on both iOS and Android, unless otherwise noted.

*NOTE:* The versions listed are certified with the latest version of the MoPub SDK. You can reach out to your account team or if you need to find the certified version for an older SDK version.

Supported Networks – SDK Adapters

NetworkNetwork SDKNetwork Compatible VersionSupported Ad Formats
Millennial Media iOS , Android iOS: 6.3.1, Android: 6.3.0 Banner, Interstitial, Native**
AdMob [Google] iOS , Android iOS: 7.19.0, Android: 10.2.0 Banner, Interstitial, Native**, Rewarded Video
Facebook Audience Network iOS , Android iOS: 4.20.2, Android: 4.20.0

Banner, Interstitial, Native Static**, Native Video**

AdColony iOS , Android iOS: 3.0.6, Android: 3.0.7 Interstitial, Rewarded Video
Chartboost iOS , Android iOS 6.5.2, Android 6.5.1 Interstitial, Rewarded Video
Tapjoy iOS , Android iOS/Android: 11.10.0 Interstitial, Rewarded Video

For more details on TapJoy see here

Yahoo! Gemini* iOS, Android iOS: 7.8.2, Android: 6.4.2

Banner, Interstitial, Native Static** and Native Video**

Unity Ads iOS , Android iOS: 2.0.7,  Android: 2.0.7 Interstitial, Rewarded Video
Vungle iOS , Android iOS: 4.0.9, Android: 4.0.3 Interstitial, Rewarded Video

These supported networks apply to the MoPub Unity plug-in for banner, interstitial and rewarded video formats. For instructions on how to implement MoPub on Unity, please check here .

*Note: For Yahoo! Gemini: All adapters can be found in the corresponding GitHub extras directory

**Note: Native ad formats are not supported for Unity Engine integration

Supported Networks – Server-Side (S2S) Integration

Banner Interstitial MRAID Native VAST/Video
MobFox x x x
Mojiva x x
TapIt* x

*Note – an upgrade from TapIt to the new Phunware system is currently being testing. Please reach out to for more information on testing.

For partners

Deprecated Partners

The following partners are deprecated and should be removed from all inventory segments and line items.


Q1. If I am creating a custom event network, do you have recommended values for ‘Custom Event Class’ and ‘Custom Event Class Data’ fields

A. Yes. Please find the details listed for each network here

Q2. Are the above ad networks certified for MoPub’s Unity Plugin as well?

A. The mentioned supported networks apply to the MoPub Unity plug-in as well for banner, interstitial and rewarded video formats. Additionally please refer the steps mentioned here to integrate any ad network’s adapters outside the above list.

Q3. Is native ad format supported in MoPub Unity plugin?

A. No. Native ad format is not supported in MoPub’s Unity plugin

Updated: April 2017