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MoPub partners with the industry leaders required to support the needs of our clients and their businesses. From measurement, to quality control, to data - our goal is to provide a world-class offering though partnerships with the products and services that our clients rely on in addition to MoPub. For inquires into existing or future partnerships, please reach out to

Third party partners

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The Media Trust

MoPub partners with The Media Trust for creative quality scanning and assurance. MoPub uses The Media Trust services to enforce its Creative Policy on behalf of publishers in Marketplace.

The Media Trust provides continuous insight and security for the digital advertising ecosystem. The Media Trust experiences the internet as a typical user would to detect and alert on threats and anomalies affecting website security, creative quality, data privacy, and website performance.

Integral Ad Science

MoPub has partnered with Integral Ad Science to support viewability measurement as part of our SDK library, and in-app measurability for marketers at scale.

IAS provides solutions for brands, agencies, publishers, and technology platforms to effectively influence customers everywhere, on every device. They further enable the industry to unlock it’s full potential by enabling robust verification, optimization, and analytics tools. The IAS in-app viewability solution is accredited by the MRC.


MoPub has partnered with Moat to support viewability measurement as part of our SDK library, and in-app measurability for marketers at scale.

Moat offers a real-time attention measurement platform that provides in-depth analytics, viewability, and performance insights for both publishers and advertisers running across the open web and social media channels. They provide tools with the insights that help clients make trusted and smarter decisions. Moat’s in-app viewability solution is accredited by the MRC.


MoPub partners with Metamarkets to provide our customers access to their MoPub Marketplace data through a robust and flexible dashboard.

Metamarkets provide interactive analytics for programmatic marketing. They give users the ability to see what’s happening in the media marketplaces where they operate as well as the processing power needed to make timely business and operational decisions.


MoPub partners with comScore to obtain age measurement for use in targeting certain alcohol campaigns.

comScore is an independent third-party audience and campaign measurement provider. They measure across digital and TV in order to help make audiences and digital advertising more valuable.


MoPub partners with adsquare to provide access to first-party and third-party data for targeting on MoPub Marketplace, for MoPub’s clients that work with adsquare.

adsquare is a mobile data exchange with a self-service platform that is built with mobile-first in mind. They have pre-bid integrations with leading programmatic platforms and offer a secure private-marketplace for data.


MoPub partners with Factual to make Factual’s Geopulse Audiences and Proximity targeting available for use on MoPub Marketplace to the buyers that also work with Factual.

Factual is a neutral location data company. Factual’s Geopulse product suite lets you target ads to people on the MoPub Marketplace based on how they behave in the real world or where they are in real time. Geopulse is powered by Factual’s proprietary technology and first party Global Places data, which includes over 100 million locations across 52 countries.  

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