MoPub Marketplace

Drive revenue with MoPub’s real-time bidding (RTB) exchange for mobile ads. Directly integrated into MoPub’s open source SDK and scalable ad serving platform, MoPub Marketplace is designed to give app publishers the ultimate in control and transparency while tapping into new sources of demand.

For more information, please check out our MoPub Marketplace FAQ.

Welcome To Real-Time Bidding

Sophisticated advertisers and demand side platforms (DSPs) are moving to real-time bidding in order to execute more complicated ad buying strategies than possible with ad networks. With RTB, bidders can quote a price for your ad impressions the moment they’re available and take advantage of data and machine learning to optimize their bids in real time.

Drive More Revenue

MoPub Marketplace enables you to plug instantly into more demand sources. With real-time bidding, advertisers, ad agencies, and demand side platforms are able to target audiences with greater precision as compared to traditional ad networks. The result is a more efficient market, greater ad revenues for you, the application publisher, and happier end users. Best of all, the revenue is always incremental to your ad network revenue.

See What Your Users See

We know how annoying it is to see a bad ad. So do your users. Unlike traditional black box ad networks, real-time bidding gives you full transparency into what is being served in your inventory. Our creative dashboard gives you a full view of every ad that gets displayed on your app. Detailed performance reporting gives you the data you need to make informed decisions.

Take Control of Your User Experience

What good is great data without the ability to act on it? Block lists let you filter inappropriate or competitive advertisers with a single click. Adjust what information you are passing into the Marketplace and set a minimum price that you are willing to sell it for, down to the ad unit. Delete the ads that detract from your user experience, violate brand guidelines or cause channel conflict in real-time.