MoPub welcomes Nathan Shayefar

Friday, July 13, 2012
By: Elain Szu

We’re all about hiring amazing engineers at MoPub and Nathan Shayefar has fit the description from his first day as an intern. After quickly proving his technical prowess, Nathan joined MoPub’s client and front end teams and has become one of our poster children for the intern program since then.

In his own words:

I grew up in Los Angeles, but moved up to the bay to study Bioengineering at UC Berkeley, with concentrations in Computational Bioengineering and Neural Systems. Before MoPub, I worked in academia – developing computer simulations of DNA-unknotting enzymes important in cancer research and performing MRI analysis of the effects of clinical depression on brain structure. In the intervening years, I also had a chance to indulge in some personal projects, including building a Django web app, writing a small library of Greasemonkey scripts, and dabbling in some video game modding and development.

Last September, I started my internship at MoPub. In my first month, I helped build a JavaScript version of our mobile client SDK for ngmoco:)’s Mobage platform , which was not only a great crash course on how our mobile client works, but also allowed me to level up my JavaScript skills. Subsequently, I ramped up on Android development and started contributing to our open source SDK (I might have also played a few games of foosball somewhere in there). I was having a fantastic time as an intern, and by November, I became a full-time member of the team. It was your classic startup fairytale. Boy meets startup. Boy gets to hack around on some fun projects. Boy amps up on useful skills. Ultimately, though, it was the people that won me over: a small team of motivated, bright, fun, and funny folks who just wanted to build something awesome together. Boy and startup live happily ever after.

We’re always looking for more engineering and business talent. Check out the MoPub jobs page regularly for more info or email .

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