Welcome new MoPub team members!

Friday, August 24, 2012
By: Elain Szu

It’s raining new hires at MoPub these days and our latest engineering talent are already contributing across the board.  Please welcome three great additions to our already stellar backend team: Steffan Chartrand, Meng Lay, and John Boggs (a former MoPub intern).

In their own words:

Steffan Chartrand

Hi, I’m Steffan. I’ve been imported from the great white North known as Canada to help make MoPub the best way to serve mobile ads. I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelors in electrical engineering in 2010 but realized during my undergrad journey that software was my true calling and focused on building great products such as a 3D desktop UI at BumpTop and a transactional XML database at MarkLogic.

A few months ago I realized I missed the fast paced excitement of the startup world and went job hunting. My hunt lead me to MoPub and I’m very happy to report that I’ve been loving my work and the impact it’s had on the company. MoPub has truly put an amazing team together; it’s inspiring to come in each day to work with really smart people that I can also call my close friends. To anybody that enjoys working in a quantitative environment, mobile ads is perfect for this type of mindset. In my spare time you can find me at my second home at Mission Cliffs (climbing) or jumping into scenes with Endgames Improv.

Meng Lay

My full name is actually Seak Meng Lay and I’m another one of the MIT grads at MoPub. At MIT, I was involved in several projects at various labs, one of which was a cool trading platform to help people share ideas. After MIT, I started my first job at Oracle working on performance enhancement for the TimesTen in-memory database.

Outside of work, food and sports are my passions. I enjoy tasting exotic food, and Anthony Bourdain is my hero (if only I have his job). To compensate for the amount of food I eat, I spend much of my free time working out. I am extremely passionate about full body fitness and strength programs like Crossfit. I am thrilled to join MoPub and to work with this group of awesome individuals, and our amazing clients!

John Boggs

I’m John Boggs.  I grew up in South Dakota and attended MIT in Boston, where I majored in Math with Computer Science.  During my college years, I spent one year abroad at Cambridge University, UK, and a summer near New York working for an algorithmic trading company.  As an undergraduate, I also helped with some genetics research (actually we were looking at transcriptome data, but whatever).  I’m excited to be on the west coast for the first time and helping MoPub with application programming (backend) and data analysis.  Outside of work, I like playing guitar, hiking, climbing with my coworkers, and, of course, even more programming for projects unrelated to work. I’m looking forward to contributing to this awesome team!

Stay tuned for many more new team announcements. Want to join the team, too? Check out our job board or email jobs@www.mopub.com to find out more.

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