MoPub Leadership

MoPub’s leaders represent some of the best and brightest in the mobile industry.

Headshot of Janae - Mopub

Janae Redmond, VP, MoPub

Janae Redmond runs MoPub’s business within Twitter. She joined MoPub in 2012 (prior to its acquisition by Twitter) and led the growth of the exchange team. Previously, she led sales strategy for Google’s mobile publisher products as part of the AdMeld team. Before moving into the advertising technology space, Janae was in corporate sales at Time Inc., where she was responsible for agency and advertiser sales in the northeast and midwest.

Image of Helen Friedland in red shirt - Mopub

Helen Friedland, Engineering

Helen Friedland leads MoPub's engineering team, which runs the systems that serve billions of ad requests every day. Prior to MoPub/Twitter, Helen solved Big Data problems at Cloudera. She also worked on virtualization systems at VMware in a previous role.

Janae and Helen’s teams focus on the MoPub business within Twitter and span every function, from sales to engineering. Interested in joining the team? Check out our openings here.

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