Confidently reach your audience in mobile apps.

The MoPub Demand Platform allows Marketplace buyers to manage their business with MoPub anywhere, anytime through a self-service interface. Optimize the traffic you receive, troubleshoot easily with bidder health metrics, and innovate more quickly with sandbox mode.

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Receive high-value impressions

The MoPub Demand Platform provides buyers with robust controls to ensure they receive the supply they most value, while optimizing bandwidth.

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Troubleshoot with ease

The bidder health dashboard gives you peace of mind that your bidder integrations are functioning properly, and visibility to take action faster if issues do arise.

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Innovate faster

Test new features, integrations, and endpoints with ease in the bidder sandbox. Easily receive sample bid requests and respond from testing endpoints to try new features at any time.

MoPub Partnerships

MoPub partners with industry leaders that support the needs of our clients that allow them to better target, measure, and make informed decisions that help grow their businesses.

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Commitment to supply quality.

We believe in taking strict measures when it comes to traffic and ad quality. We partner with leading platforms for fraud detection and creative controls, helping to ensure quality across the thousands of apps and ads shown on MoPub Marketplace.

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Obtain the transparency you need.

MoPub is actively working with leading measurement partners to enable measurability across our supply, giving our clients the transparency they need to deliver more effective campaigns.

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Powerful third-party data to reach your audience on mobile.

MoPub partners with leading audience data providers to give our buyers access to rich and unique data, enhancing their targeting abilities. 

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