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November 25, 2015

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Kristiina Kansen
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I like to say that timing, perseverance and 10 years of really hard work
will eventually make you look like an overnight success.”
– Biz Stone

What strategic and technical considerations do publishers need to think about long before their app becomes a top hit?

At this year’s Flight conference , MoPub contributed two presentations to help answer this question. The common theme in the two talks was the exponential growth that top apps experience, and the need for service providers that scale in parallel with that growth.

As Twitter co-founder Biz Stone once noted, “overnight” successes — such as apps that suddenly become very popular — actually take a great deal of time and planning. So to maximize success, app developers need to start thinking about monetization very early on, so that an ad strategy can be incorporated in both user experience and technical set-up. Publishers who wait until their app is already successful before thinking about monetization may lose out on major revenue during the time it takes to understand and implement advertising options — and risk turning off users who have become used to an ad-free experience.

Check out the videos below to understand how to set up your app for financial success, from both a strategic and a technical perspective.

Growing and monetizing your app 

John Egan, Director, Channel Partnerships, MoPub | @jegania 

Asher Vollmer, Developer, Threes (Apple 2014 Game of the Year) | @ AsherVo 

Ashley Higgins, Business Development Lead for Mobile Growth, Reddit | @ ahiggz 

Brian Kealer, Director of Advertising Monetization, Glu Mobile | @ glumobile

This session reviews the lifecycle of the last Top 10 free apps that launched on MoPub, followed by a lively conversation about the importance of making sound business decisions before an app becomes a hit. The panelists offer their points of view on user acquisition, organic marketing, and balancing revenue strategy with user experiences.


flight top app lifecycles

Hearing directly from our publishing partners about platform use cases is always instructive, and the approach offered by these experts provides a number of actionable best practices.

How the MoPub Marketplace works 

Helen Friedland, Senior Manager, Software Engineering | @ yatusr

Helen offers a technical overview of the MoPub Marketplace and the challenges our engineering team faced when building on an exchange that handles billions of daily auctions. Besides discussing how the exchange works, Helen highlights how the Marketplace maximizes developer revenue and outlines the technologies which make this scale possible. If you’ve ever wondered how the MoPub revenue engine works — and how MoPub’s technical infrastructure handles this kind of volume and speed — this is an excellent deep dive from one of MoPub’s engineering leaders.

Here at MoPub, we have more than five years’ experience helping publishers monetize mobile apps. We’re happy we could share these insights, and hope it’s useful as you plan for success in all stages of your app development.

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