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October 27, 2011

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Jim Payne
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When we started MoPub a little over a year ago, our overriding goal was to make mobile advertising really work for publishers and make it really easy for app developers to build businesses that can scale. After all, it all started with a few apps that I had developed over the summer last year and struggled to monetize effectively.

My years in the online ad business have confirmed that fact that there are many more people who want to get paid than are willing to pay. In order to make mobile advertising work for publishers though, it really has to ultimately work for advertisers. There are many varieties of these: performance advertisers looking to sell products, get users for their apps or drive subscriptions, and brand advertisers who want to buy audiences and tell their brand’s story. Each of these advertiser categories wants, above all else, transparency (knowing what they are buying) and scale (volume and immediacy).

Real-time bidding is an innovation in advertising that makes both of these things possible. It turns ad buying on its head: rather than advertisers getting little insight into what they are buying, and only being able to verify after the fact, now they can see what they are buying beforehand and even set their own price. It’s an innovation that comes from the desktop world but has not been easy for publishers in mobile to use until MoPub Marketplace , which is launching today. By creating an efficient marketplace for advertisers and publishers to connect, our Marketplace makes it possible for publishers to generate more ad revenue. What makes Marketplace special is the unprecedented transparency and control that publishers get over who advertises and what gets displayed. We believe it will prove to be an enormous boon to our publisher base.

Today’s launch just scratches the surface of what’s possible with real-time bidding and with mobile advertising and we look forward to growing this market with you to $10B and beyond. Thank you to our loyal and growing base of users – we can’t wait to see what Marketplace does for you.


To learn more about Marketplace and to get started, visit /marketplace . Read more about real-time bidding on Quora .

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