BitMango benefits from MoPub’s full platform solution

March 02, 2020

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BitMango is a mobile puzzle game publisher based in Korea that develops and publishes puzzle games for users around the world, with an in-app advertising focused business model. BitMango holds a unique position as the leading Korean app publisher in the APAC market that employs both in-app advertising and user acquisition at a global scale.  Overall BitMango downloads reach 637M users, primarily in tier 1 countries and 136M in the U.S. alone.*
*Data sourced from AppAnnie, 2019


Before working with MoPub, BitMango experienced the following challenges:

  • Limited control over their waterfall setup, which led to an inability to maximize on ARPDAU potential. 

  • High operational cost, time and resources associated with changing waterfalls and eCPMS  


After testing MoPub’s full platform solution, BitMango experienced: 

  • A 10% ARPDAU increase* due in part to the flexibility and control offered by MoPub’s platform and account team support. After switching to MoPub in April of 2019 and spending a month adjusting their waterfall setup with the support of their dedicated MoPub account team, BitMango experienced a 10% ARPDAU increase in June of 2019 as compared to April 2019.  

  • Increased operational efficiency - BitMango’s time spent on waterfall management decreased from 7 hours down to 1.5 hours after switching to MoPub*
    *According to internal Bitmango data from Q2 2019 (looking at the difference between March 2019 - April 2019 using former monetization platform versus May 2019 - June 2019 using MoPub.) 7 hours of work is the typical amount of time they spent setting a new waterfall for one title at launch. This was reduced to 1.5 hours.

Client Testimonial:

“Before actually testing MoPub, there was an existing perception that the platform is complex in terms of price setting and operational workload. However, after we actually tried the platform, MoPub had all of the solutions that resolved the vague concerns I had, and more importantly, it was easy to use. The best part about MoPub is that it enables us to send multiple calls to all of the different demand sources we work with.” - Seungwoo Yang, Monetization Manager, BitMango

About the author: Boram Ku, Head of Korea

Boram oversees client service and business development for the Korean market, helping app developers and publishers in the region grow their businesses by providing ongoing support and insight. Prior to joining MoPub, Boram built extensive knowledge and expertise of user acquisition (UA) and in-app ads (IAA) monetization while leading a marketing team at a global gaming company. She is based in Singapore, and enjoys the warm climate all year round!

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