Bye-bye IVT: MoPub quality control shows initial success

October 07, 2019

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Samantha Solmonson
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In January of this year, we launched exciting new integrations with leading MRC-accredited invalid traffic (IVT) management solutions from DoubleVerify and Pixalate, and in May, further bolstered our quality control processes with pre-bid IVT detection. Based on DoubleVerify analysis, we observed significant results that help demonstrate the successful effects of these efforts. Overall, DoubleVerify detected that approximately less than 1.5% of the MoPub Marketplace traffic that it sampled in Q2 was potentially invalid according to its standards, with display IVT at less than 0.7%. 

MoPub leverages a multi-step approach to detect and manage IVT. Our Publisher onboarding process and product solutions help to identify and monitor traffic pre- and post-bid for potential risks and instances of invalid traffic, and Twitter’s global Policy Operations team helps to safeguard our exchange by actioning against violators of our supply side policy which prohibits IVT.

Of course, any amount of invalid traffic requires close attention, and we continue to work with our partners on refining our techniques to eliminate IVT from MoPub Marketplace. This also entails ongoing analysis into any publishers and their apps when determining whether to permit them onto our ad exchange; and for those we do allow onboard, we will continue to educate them about how to detect and prevent IVT from their apps.

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