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November 11, 2019

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Samantha Solmonson
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The ability to curate ad inventory, in the form of private marketplaces (PMPs), whitelists, or Inventory Packages (deal IDs), is an important decision factor for many brands and their agencies. For instance, desktop advertisers have prioritized inventory with measurable viewability rates, with publishers obliged to comply, implement, and change their page structures to fit advertisers’ threshold requirements. Mobile app developers and publishers have taken note and have designed their apps to support viewable, full-screen display, video and native ad placements that capture their audience’s attention at natural pauses of usage to maintain a positive user experience.

Traditionally, in the desktop world, the concept of “premium” has connoted “more valuable” inventory, usually transacted directly between advertisers and publishers, and therefore having higher ad-serving priority. “More valuable” is, however, subjective, and can refer to better performing audiences, higher-impact ad formats, more viewable placements, lower session depth. and/or relevant and appropriate context — or some combination of these that matters uniquely to each advertiser and its campaign objectives.  

For mobile in-app inventory, “premium” can take on a new meaning; for example, consumers’ top-rated apps on the Apple and Google Play app stores. MoPub Marketplace, our leading real-time in-app exchange, helps brands identify high-value inventory with several methods of curation.

1. Inventory Packages: Transacted via MoPub-generated deal IDs, Inventory Packages allow buyers to target specific segments of in-app mobile inventory programmatically and in real-time. Inventory Packages are curated based on shared characteristics that matter most to marketers, such as inventory type, context, performance indicators, and audience demographics, and are available to all buyers through the MoPub Demand Platform. 

Update August 2021: Reach your target audience with Twitter Audience Index, which uses Twitter's unique audience insights to create curated app inventory packages. Ask your MoPub representative for more information on inventory packages.

We recently rolled out 18 new Inventory Packages to help brands target consumers’ favorite apps, as ranked by mobile data and analytics platform App Annie*, as well as our most viewable ad inventory, as measured by our industry-leading ad verification partner, Integral Ad Science (IAS)*:

“Inventory Packages helped us reduce the workload off of our operations team by being able to target inventory via a deal ID. Before, our team would manually maintain and implement whitelists. With Inventory Packages, our team is able to target inventory in real-time and we've seen consistent performance and scale,” notes Frances McCann, Partner Manager at Blis.


2. PMP Deals: For customized one-to-one deals with specific apps on MoPub, eligible DSPs may also connect directly with publishers to negotiate terms for private marketplace (PMP) deals; they’ll generate their own deal IDs, which may then be targeted through the MoPub Demand Platform. To determine if your DSP is eligible to participate in PMP deals on MoPub, please reach out to your MoPub representative. You can also view our PMP Checklist for best practices and instructions.

3. Whitelist deals: Whitelists are also supported via deal IDs as a way for DSPs to manually curate the inventory they target at the campaign level. While our Inventory Packages account for many whitelist use-cases and are meant to achieve higher scale and faster setup, some campaigns may still require a whitelist of apps that meet their specific targeting parameters. To learn more about setting up whitelist deal IDs, please reach out to your MoPub representative.

All of these methods are intended to help buyers carve out the inventory that matters most to them so that they can achieve efficient and effective targeting at scale across MoPub Marketplace. If you’re part of a marketer or agency team and want to learn more about MoPub’s in-app mobile inventory, check out:

*This data is provided to you "AS IS" and for information purposes only by one of our third party vendors, and as such, this data may not be accurate, timely, complete or error-free. MoPub will not be liable, and you assume all risk and responsibility with respect to your use of this data. Neither MoPub nor its vendor makes any representation or warranty of any kind as to any results obtained from your use of this data.  Please do not copy, distribute or forward without MoPub's prior written consent.

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