Enhancements to MoPub data and reporting

November 17, 2015

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Elena Elfimova
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We’re excited to announce that our publishers now have faster access to reporting data and that changes made in the UI also take effect faster.

We know you need timely data to monitor your business’s health, track performance, and define success. As part of our goal to provide a world-class publisher experience, we continue to invest in major infrastructure enhancements to improve the quality of the data that you rely on for your most important monetization decisions.

What you can expect from these improvements
We believe these recent changes will benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Quicker access to data Whether it’s through reports or the MoPub interface, you can now access your ads performance data before the start of the business day in the US (5am PT). This makes it easier to update your waterfall and identify potential issues earlier.
  • Faster propagation —Changes you make in the UI (such as adding a new line item or adjusting a CPM) now take effect in less than one minute, enabling you to manage your account with certainty.
  • No longer require ad unit “warm-up” — Serve ads to your ad unit starting from your first ad request, making it easy to test configurations and debug quickly.

What’s underneath these improvements
We believe these changes will make a big impact on your daily MoPub experience. But these improvements were also critical to laying a strong foundation for our future engineering work on data, reporting, and ad serving. Here’s a glimpse into how our engineering team was able to make these changes. You can also dive deeper into the technical details on Twitter’s Engineering Blog .


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As a rapidly growing platform, we continue to improve, and in some cases, redesign parts of our architecture and frameworks to be more performant, scalable, and reliable. These projects are foundational and enable us to ship products that help make our publisher partners more successful. We’re eager to continue improving our core technology with more updates to come.

Thanks to Simon Radford (Sr. Software Engineer, propagation pipeline) and Meng Lay (Sr. Software Engineer, data pipeline) for contributing to this post.

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