Introducing Facebook Audience Network Rewarded Video Availability

June 28, 2017

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Casie Attardi Jordan
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Publishers can now access even more rewarded video demand through MoPub. Today, Facebook announced the availability of rewarded video advertising through Audience Network, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with Facebook’s Audience Network on this initiative. As part of this partnership, publishers will now have access to Audience Network's rewarded video demand available through the MoPub mediation platform.

You can already access banner, interstitial, and native Facebook Audience Network demand through MoPub. For publishers interested in adding rewarded video demand, our supported adapters provide an easy way to integrate.

Rewarded video has changed the mobile app advertising economy for consumers, publishers, and marketers. This ad format gives users the choice to interact with marketer messages and earn in-app rewards, such as coupon rebates in a shopping app, new tools in a home construction game, or wardrobe pieces in a personal emoji app. By offering users value in exchange for viewing an ad, rewarded video provides a low-risk means to introduce ads with minimal impact to the app user experience. According to the annual Internet Trends report released by Mary Meeker, 68% of respondents expressed a positive attitude towards mobile app reward ads, a higher percentage than any other ad category in the study.

One of the biggest challenges facing mobile app publishers today is retention. Recently, eMarketer reported that only 1 in 4 app users returns after first using the app. Rewarded video ads have been shown to increase app retention rates by at least 4x, per a recent study.

To maximize revenue, many of our publishers access multiple demand sources along with our exchange, MoPub Marketplace. Using MoPub, you can work with the top ad networks that offer rewarded video demand, which now includes Facebook's Audience Network.



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