First annual team ski trip, obligatory desk photo

March 23, 2011

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Jim Payne
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This weekend was the first annual MoPub ski trip. Now that our team has grown beyond just the original founders, we wanted to do something to commemorate the occasion. We also wanted to take a break from coding and get outside and enjoy some fresh powder in Tahoe. Luckily, our trip coincided with a huge five-day snowstorm that dumped about four feet of snow on Squaw Valley .

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After a couple of days of skiing, a team dinner and Nafis making tacos and cookies for us, we got back to MoPub HQ.

Fred Wilson recently blogged about the “new developer” technical setup that various startups offer their employees … we wholeheartedly agree with getting people the equipment that they need to do their jobs. Rather than a standard package though, it’s a little more ad hoc – basically whatever you prefer, MacBook Air or Pro, big monitor or dual setup, it’s fine with us (within reason!). Here’s what my desk setup looks like:

It was a great weekend but we are happy to get back home and get cranking again!

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