Announcing general availability for the Open Measurement SDK

November 13, 2020

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Today, we are thrilled to announce the general availability (GA) of MoPub’s support for the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement initiative (OM SDK). All MoPub publishers who update to our latest SDKs will be able to take advantage of OM functionality, and all MoPub Marketplace partners will now have access to our OM-measurable supply at scale and with their Open Measurement Working group member vendor of choice. 

The results from our recent public beta for the OM SDK are encouraging. For in-app video, the in-view rate across all participants was 90% for the past 30 days, as measured by Integral Ad Science (IAS). This represents a significant lift from the 73.6% worldwide benchmark reported in the IAS H1 2020 Media Quality Report

“MoPub sets a high bar for quality, and we were pleased with the results we saw in beta and excited to be able to extend the scale of IAS measurement across more of MoPub’s high-performing supply,” said Jim Egan, Vice President at Integral Ad Science. 

In addition to IAS, Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, DoubleVerify, and Comscore have independently verified their ability to work with MoPub’s OM SDK integration, and it has been certified by the IAB Tech Lab. 

As one of the world’s largest mobile in-app exchanges, this update will significantly lift the availability of OM-measurable supply across the digital advertising ecosystem globally. All ad formats supported by MoPub will be measurable, including native

“We collaborated closely with MoPub on the OMSDK integration and support of native display viewability measurement. MoPub and Moat have worked to unlock measurement of this format via real-time bidding, as compared to direct sold campaigns. We are thrilled to be part of this advancement for the industry,” stated Mark Kopera, Head of Product for Moat by Oracle Data Cloud. 

With today’s announcement, advertisers will start seeing signals in bid requests for our OM-eligible supply. To take advantage of this, advertisers should simply include a measurement tag from an Open Measurement Working Group member vendor in the creative. Further, all publishers updating to MoPub SDK 5.14 and newer will have OM capabilities automatically bundled with their update. This includes publishers leveraging our wrappers for the Unity engine, which were not supported with our previous viewability offering. Of note: these versions also include updates for iOS 14, and we strongly recommend that publishers upgrade as soon as possible. 

To learn more about our support for the OM SDK, please visit our best practices page or reach out to your account manager. 

About the author: Brad Beal, Sr. Product Manager

Brad joined MoPub in 2018 and is the Product lead for our platform SDK and ad formats. Previously, Brad was responsible for ad formats, measurement, and mediation at Pandora. Brad started his career in digital advertising at Horizon Media and has also held various Product roles at AT&T. Although based in San Francisco, Brad is a passionate Boston sports fan and tweets from @realdealbbeal.

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