How MoPub is making high quality supply a priority

December 10, 2015

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Jeff Cunning
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Supply quality is one of the most impactful and important aspects of mobile programmatic advertising. It’s a broad category; high performing supply, “premium” supply, ad blocking, suspicious publisher activity, and viewability are all prevalent in the ongoing industry conversation on mobile supply quality. Over the coming months, we plan to provide a look under the hood of MoPub with a series of content pertaining to each of these aspects of supply quality.

We believe it is important to be proactive in addressing supply quality to help our buyers drive the greatest impact with their ad campaigns and our publishers maximize the value of their inventory. We approach each aspect of supply quality with rigor, thoughtfulness, and high standards. Today, we will shine a light on the approach we are taking to help ensure high-quality inventory for buyers in our exchange.


Checkpoints prior to publisher approval
Before a new publisher can enter the MoPub Marketplace, there are a series of checkpoints where we confirm publisher and app content quality. Our policy operations team checks a host of signals before approving or rejecting an application including compliance checks, for instance, with our partner policies, and verification of app ownership.

Our ongoing approach to maintaining quality
Ongoing, we have a three pronged approach to help maintain high-quality supply, which includes product, partnerships, and process. Our product checks exchange activity using common indicators like unusual click-through rates, as well as more advanced signals we don’t disclose, that have proven effective. We are also testing and evaluating partnerships with leading service providers that have the capacity to further strengthen our ability to detect and prevent unwanted impressions from reaching our buyers. Through internal processes, we remove or block from the exchange any apps or activity identified as unwanted and/or not compliant.

Our continued focus on improvement
Supply quality is an ongoing priority for MoPub. We will continue to learn and evolve our various approaches to stay ahead of and take action against bad actors, and we will continue to innovate through products, partnerships, and processes. Stay tuned to the MoPub blog for deep dives into more key supply quality topics to learn how we are working to deliver high quality across our exchange.

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