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August 19, 2015

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Kate Herbert
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As a leading mobile ad server and programmatic exchange, building innovative features is a priority for us. And to deliver useful customer service, we want it to be extremely easy for our partners to share feedback. That’s every bit as important to us. Getting input from app publishers is how we prioritize our business goals and shape our product development. Of course, we also want to communicate news and updates to our customers, but if we’re always talking, there’s not time to listen. We’d be doing ourselves — and you — a disservice.

Here’s how, and why, we rely on our customers to continuously improve our platform.

1. Encourage open dialogue

We not only welcome customer feedback; we actively seek it out. We regularly invite demand-side platforms and publishers to participate in customer satisfaction surveys to gauge experiences with our technical support and account teams. This information helps us identify strengths and weaknesses in our team and refine our training programs.

We also invite publishers to tell us what they want from a mobile partner and what they’d like to see more of. Our most recent survey (Q2 2015) revealed some useful insights about our native and video offerings. It also helped us prioritize our focus areas for the remainder of the year.

2. Don’t just listen — act

When our Client Advisory Board met in San Remo, Italy in June, we wanted to identify ways in which MoPub could help publishers and demand-side platforms with their challenges. Senior leaders from MoPub and Twitter held hours of discussions, and the takeaways are now informing our strategies. Events like these benefit our customers, who get the chance to share their opinions, but of course we also learn a lot from the people who use our platform most frequently.

3. Show gratitude

On most any given day, you’ll find a MoPub team member appearing at an industry conference, welcoming the chance to meet and greet customers, creating relationships, and learning from other ad tech leaders. This September, we’ll attend Mobile Growth Europe in Berlin, Tokyo Game Show and DMEXCO in Cologne, Germany. In October, we’ll also be at Twitter Flight 2015 in San Francisco.

We believe customer appreciation is particularly important for digital businesses, as you don’t often get to face-to-face time with your partners. We make a conscious effort to remember that there are real people behind those mobile devices. Thank you to all of our partners who have helped make MoPub a leading ad server and exchange for apps.

If you have ideas about how we can improve your user experience, contact your MoPub account team or email .

By Kate Herbert, Senior Director, Client Services MoPub, Twitter

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