How MoPub —and the programmatic ecosystem — helped Letgo find audience and performance at scale

December 04, 2019

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Michael Borgmann
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Letgo provides an app that allows users to buy from, sell to, and chat with others locally. Letgo has been in the programmatic space for over four years and has worked with MoPub for more than two years. Currently, Letgo is focused on performance and consulted MoPub as a programmatic partner to support overall performance goals. 


Why programmatic? 

  • Reach: Letgo is currently in a growth period. In-app programmatic has proven to be a steady way for them to scale and reach the right users, and provides high quality results without diminishing returns. 

“During our busiest times of the year, in-app programmatic helps us expand our campaigns by reaching users that would have been very difficult to reach otherwise. In these cases (during busy periods), we are able to scale programmatic by 3x maintaining our performance goals*; especially in the US — which is such a competitive market with diverse groups of users — being able to target users while they use different mobile apps is key.”Adrián Sarasa, Mobile User Acquisition Director at Letgo 
*Letgo data referring to Q1 2019 

  • User acquisition and retention: In-app programmatic also has implications for Letgo when it comes to user acquisition and retention efforts, especially as it relates to the variety of ad formats available. 

“We take advantage of the diverse ad formats present in programmatic to show users the benefits of Letgo. We also make sure to optimize our campaigns towards post install events to make sure we are acquiring high quality users who engage with our app long term.” — Adrián Sarasa, Mobile User Acquisition Director at Letgo

  •  Channel diversification & cost efficiency: Letgo determined that diversification, in the absence of diminishing returns, is a necessary part of the programmatic process and provides additional value. How?

“First, because it is almost impossible to reach all of your potential users through only one or two channels, diversification is key for reach. Second, when it comes to scaling campaigns in traditional online channels such as social or search, it can become very expensive. Combining it with programmatic and other channels can help balance your customer acquisition cost (CAC) as you optimize your budget allocation.” — Adrián Sarasa, Mobile User Acquisition Director at Letgo

Why MoPub? 

  • Scale: Working with MoPub, Letgo increased their programmatic spend by 163% (while CPIs remained relatively stable) in Q1 of 2019. Their installs coming from programmatic sources increased by 167% in the same time period.* 
    *Internal Letgo data sourced during Q1 2019

  • Traffic quality: MoPub also provides value in the area of traffic quality. Not only does MoPub partner with third party vendors such as Pixalate and DoubleVerify, but the quality of users overall and a low percentage of IVT across MoPub’s exchange was also a big point of differentiation for Letgo. In May, MoPub further bolstered our quality control processes with pre-bid IVT detection. Based on DoubleVerify analysis, we observed significant results that help demonstrate the successful effects of these efforts. Overall, DoubleVerify detected that approximately less than 1.5% of the MoPub Marketplace traffic that it sampled in Q2 was potentially invalid according to its standards, with display IVT at less than 0.7%. Ultimately, the work MoPub does internally and externally with partners to fight IVT, and maintain a clean exchange, is important to the Letgo team when it comes to building and evaluating programmatic partnerships. 

"MoPub's Marketer Program has helped us immensely in developing our programmatic strategy. Their expertise and assistance was key to better understanding our opportunities and growing our campaigns. We've leveraged their team to ensure traffic quality and performance, find new sources of inventory, and help strategize on new initiatives and geos. Additionally, through the program's Marketer Thought Exchanges, I've been able to discuss digital trends with the broader user acquisition community." — Adrián Sarasa, Mobile User Acquisition Director at Letgo

Want to learn more about MoPub’s marketer program and how we can help? Get in touch today. 

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