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May 10, 2013

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Elain Szu
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If you are running a mobile app business, chances are you are frequently slicing and dicing your revenue and impression data to understand its performance at a hyper-granular level.

Collecting this data, however, can turn into a full time job, particularly if you’re working with many direct advertisers or multiple ad networks.  That’s why we have invested in more flexible and streamlined Reporting capabilities in the MoPub interface.

Check out some of the key enhancements below:

Easily compare and organize your data with more filters

  • We’ve doubled the number of filters available so you can prioritize the most important types of data.  Now you can use up to six filters to organize your report by apps, OS, country, and over a dozen other dimensions.

Hone in on the information you want

  • You can now choose which types of data to include in your report for our most popular filters, including specific apps, operating system, app, ad unit, country, and more.

Choose the metrics that matter most

  • We’ve also made it easier to only show the metrics that are most relevant to your analysis. Since many publishers use MoPub Reports for internal performance updates, this feature makes it easier for you to cater you content to your audience.

Whether you need performance data to optimize your ad network eCPMs, provide performance intel to your advertising partners, or simply to see how much you’re making from MoPub Marketplace, accessing this data has never been easier.

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