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September 06, 2012

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Elain Szu
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One of the most compelling aspects of mobile is the ability to show relevant and useful ads to consumers – and the native functionality of mobile devices makes this proposition even more exciting than in desktop. For example, advertisers that know your location down to the zip code and the time of day that you’re accessing your favorite app can offer you a much better ad, say a promotional deal at the nearest coffee shop, which you may actually want to use. The more interested you are in using that coffee deal, the farther the advertiser’s dollar goes, the more app publishers can continue to offer cool, free apps, and the better the user experience is for the end consumer.

The targeting capabilities that we’ve launched today are yet another step we have taken to making these hyper relevant experiences possible. Building upon the user targeting capabilities we launched in July , these changes will let you set up targeted campaigns with an additional level of granularity. Now you can traffic campaigns with even more specific location data, including state, metropolitan area, or zip code. You can target traffic based on connectivity and carrier, so you can determine if an end user is using an app through WiFi or Verizon.

We’ve also added to our keyword targeting capability that enables you to exclude users with whatever criteria is most pertinent to your user experience, your advertising partner, or your bottom line.

Check out the specific details below:

Connectivity & Carrier Targeting

  • Create line items targeting Wi-Fi traffic only – useful for large app download campaigns
  • In the US, UK and Canada, target traffic coming from specific major carriers

Additional Geo-targeting

  • In US and Canada, target particular states, metro areas / DMAs or zip codes (requires Wi-Fi)
  • Globally, target specific cities, in addition to the country-level and radius targeting provided previously (requires Wi-Fi or lat/long)
  • You can now also negatively target your geo-selection (for example, you can target users anywhere except US and Canada)

Negative Keyword Targeting

  • Exclude traffic with specific keywords (e.g. exclude all traffic in the sports category with a negative keyword “-category:sports”)

Find out how to set up these new features in our Help Center here . We continue to focus on how to enable advertisers and publishers to reach the right user with as simple and seamless ad serving process as possible.  Look for continued improvements on this front and many other exciting areas.

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