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July 05, 2011

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Bryan Atwood
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At MoPub, we’ve adopted the “launch early and iterate” approach to our products that we adopted from our time at Google and AdMob.  With almost daily releases, we sometimes forget to take time to point out some of the smaller features that we push out.  In this post, I’d like to turn our attention to a few of the direct sold ad serving updates that we’ve made over the last two weeks.

Based on feedback from our publishers with direct sold ad operations team, we’re constantly trying to find ways to make things easier.  One of the features to launch this week is an “on-schedule indicator”.  When looking at a list of running ad campaigns, an operator can quickly see if a campaign is delivering at a rate that will fill all of the sold impressions, or whether it’s behind pace.  Some of the reasons that a campaign will under-deliver are insufficient traffic, overly strict targeting or frequency capping, or a mismatch in creative size.  MoPub gives you the tools to see when a campaign is under performing and the means to correct the problem quickly.

Another feature we launched is device targeting.  By default, ad campaigns are targeted at all platforms and OS versions.  However, suppose you want to promote an iPhone app but only want to show that to people that have installed iOS 4 or higher.  Or suppose that you want to only promote ads to your iPhone and Android users on your mobile web site.  The new device targeting feature lets you do exactly that.

I want to give a huge thanks to Tom and Kayla, who put in a lot of time on the targeting and campaign budgeting UI and backend.

We’ve got more releases in store over the next couple of weeks as we build out some bigger changes in our platform, so follow @mopub on twitter if you want to keep up with the latest and greatest out of MoPub.

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