Partner Spotlight: Remerge defines quality

March 13, 2019

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Partner Spotlight is a series on our blog where we hear directly from advertisers, agencies, DSPs, publishers, and partners about industry hot topics, challenges, predictions, and more. In this edition we interview Aoife Cassidy, Director of Partnerships at Remerge.

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MoPub: What does “quality” in the mobile app world mean to you?

Aoife Cassidy: As Remerge focuses only on re-engagement i.e. everything after the install, our definition of “quality” differs to how most in the mobile app world would describe it. It boils down to finding our (clients’) users and giving them the right ad at the right time and the right place.

When we talk about quality, we’re looking for users only — to find those same users in other apps that are already installed (and are being used) on their mobile phones. A good quality publisher is one whose apps have our users, whichever vertical that may be. This means that we’re always looking for scale. The users we’re looking for are like needles in haystacks, and supply partners who work with more publishers and have access to larger inventory increase our chances of finding those needles.

Quality also ultimately means conversions. When we show an ad within one of these publisher apps, we’re running performance campaigns. We want the users to click and convert (whatever the conversion event may be). When a publisher’s app displays or renders ads nicely, this allows Remerge to make the most of the ad space available.

Last but not least, quality means that the traffic we are purchasing is not fraudulent. Because we run quality campaigns with users that are worth retargeting, we want to feel safe and confident that we’re not sending our ads out to bots or fake users — that eventually they will click and convert.

MoPub: What are some best practices you recommend to partners who are looking to buy high quality inventory?

Aoife: As Remerge is committed to providing transparency at every level of the campaign, selecting a partner that matches our core values is integral to our success. Some best practices include:

  • Choosing a supply partner that really offers you the level of support and transparency you need (transparency in terms of practices, product updates, and the like)

  • Understanding what “high quality inventory” means to your business

  • Knowing your supply partner’s fraud policies - how is your partner addressing fraud and how do they ensure you have access to real users, and that the ad space you’re buying is truly what’s being sold

  • Checking the availability of engaging formats - do the publishers support native interstitials, videos, and larger formats that will entice users to click and convert?

  • Making sure the publisher apps render the ads in the quality you expect - Can they support rich, high quality and dynamic creatives?

MoPub has gone to every effort to understand Remerge’s business needs and to support our product accordingly. They’re a partner who really understands our KPIs and hence can support us in making sure we can utilize their product and partnership in the best way possible.

MoPub: What’s one thing you wish you could tell mobile app publishers?

Aoife: Great user experience is more important than ever. Consider it as an overall performance driver within your app, including how your ads are placed and run. How the ads are displayed within your app, how well they render, and where they take your user when clicking an ad (think conversion points vs. app store) are all key in driving the user to convert

The more conversions that occur via your app, the more likely it is for your app to be listed by the Remerge algorithm as high performing, consequently receiving more competitive bids in the long run.

From Remerge: Remerge specialises in Incremental App Retargeting. We put your user data to work by enabling you to deliver highly relevant, personalized mobile ads that drive revenue and keep your users coming back. We measure success by calculating the incremental uplift on your bottomline KPIs. We run a continuous uplift test in the background of every campaign at no extra cost, so you can always get transparency on how much additional revenue was generated by your retargeting campaigns, taking organic conversions into account. Learn more at

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