Partner Spotlight: 3 Questions for RevX’s Puneet Gupta

November 20, 2017

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Rakhee Patel
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Partner Spotlight is a series on our blog where we hear directly from advertisers, agencies, DSPs, publishers, and partners about industry hot topics, challenges, predictions, and more. In this edition we interview Puneet Gupta, Product Management at RevX.

Puneet Gupta RevX

MoPub: What will the “hot topic” be that we’ll all be talking about in the next 6-12 months?

Puneet Gupta: Transparency and incremental revenue lift will be key discussion points that performance marketers will be asking their vendors and DSPs. Advertisers have the right to know where their ads are placed, to whom the ads are being shown and the incremental lift their campaigns are bringing to the overall business. Marketers are increasingly trying to understand how paid marketing impacts organic revenue. To support this, technology providers (retargeting platforms in particular) will have to share more data with their advertising partners and demonstrate how every marketing dollar is driving incremental lift to the revenue. DSPs and technology vendors will have to build technology and reassess their business models to support the incremental revenue growth thesis for their advertisers.   

MoPub: Tell us - what’s your favorite MoPub product?

PG: The MoPub sample app is a very handy tool to test and understand ad-rendering and click behavior. As an app-retargeting specialist working with some of the leading e-commerce and gaming apps, over 90% of the ad impressions that we deliver are dynamic ads with iOS Universal Links or Android App Links. We want to ensure a delightful ad-interaction behavior and hence every creative goes through extensive testing to ensure it renders and clicks properly across multiple mobile devices and platforms. The MoPub sample app substantially reduces time to test ad creatives before campaign launch. MoPub also has one of the most comprehensive dashboards amongst all other SSP/exchange partners.

MoPub: Can you share some of your most recent success stories?

PG: RevX is a leading app-retargeting specialist in the Asia-Pacific market working with 8 out of top 10 mobile commerce apps. We have experienced substantial growth in our customer’s revenue through app retargeting, particularly in markets like India, Indonesia and the Middle-East, where performance KPIs and attribution models are amongst the most rigorous in comparison to counterparts in the developed markets. Direct access to quality in-app inventory through MoPub has been a major contributor to our success. MoPub offers the largest pool of in-app native ad inventory that delivers 2-3X better performance over other ad formats. RevX was first to launch programmatic native ad support (amongst targeting platforms) which propelled us ahead of the other retargeting vendors in the region.


From RevX: RevX is an app retargeting platform that powers growth for mobile businesses through dynamic retargeting.  The platform is built on integrated and transparent technology combining four key pillars - audience intelligence, programmatic media, personalized ads, and ROI optimization. Mobile marketers across verticals like e-Commerce, travel, lifestyle, hyperlocal and gaming use RevX to enhance user engagement by activating new users, retaining existing users and converting existing users. The platform has delivered 7K+ successful campaigns and 3M+ transactions with an average 12X return on ad spend across markets like US, India, Middle East and SE Asia. Learn more at


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