Partner Spotlight: SoMo Audience’s Brett Perloff on leveraging the right inventory, third-party reporting challenges, and more

March 29, 2018

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Franklin Ramirez
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Partner Spotlight is a series on our blog where we hear directly from advertisers, agencies, DSPs, publishers, and partners about industry hot topics, challenges, predictions, and more. In this edition we interview Brett Perloff, Vice President, Programmatic at SoMo Audience.

Brett Perloff SoMo Audience 

MoPub: What trends are you seeing in mobile programmatic right now?

Brett Perloff: Control is big. Private marketplaces (PMPs) that target more than one publisher are becoming more and more useful. With the added need for efficient traffic sets to cut down on wasted data fees, the ability to leverage certain types of inventory within a controlled environment as opposed to a certain publisher's inventory is becoming more valuable and more widely-used. We've built a lot of functionality around ingesting and handling those segments to complement what MoPub has curated for us. There are a lot of advantages there. As we move forward I anticipate PMPs with curated inventory that will be created by AI as opposed to by humans, based on what we tell the AI we need from the traffic KPI-wise (either directly or more likely secondarily).   

MoPub: What’s your favorite MoPub product?

BP: MoPub's granular reporting on things like buyer seats and bid metrics have been very valuable for us. We've been able to granularly understand where large opportunities are being missed and solve those situations specifically without having to be too broad and disrupt something else. The ROI on those insights has been substantial. Also, some of the PMPs we have created and monetized have really worked well and much more efficiently than seeing that same traffic in the open environment.

MoPub: What’s the biggest misconception in the market today?

BP: That third party reporting — traffic quality and ad quality — is always or almost always correct. I'm not singling anyone out in particular. In fact, it seems to be just as prevalent on both sides. I can't count how many times two vendors disagree on the same user session being invalid traffic or the same ad being fraudulent in some way. Unfortunately what has become too common is a substantial amount of revenue being sacrificed inappropriately and a great deal of productivity being lost as a result of incorrect reporting. As accuracy around this reporting improves, there will be a correlative increase in revenue across the board.   

MoPub: Crystal ball: what will be the next “hot topic” that we’re all talking about in the next 6-12 months?

BP: I think blockchain's ability to solve the many problems we read about every day (some more alarmist than others) within adtech will grow as a hot topic but not as a realistic solution to our biggest challenges, at least within that 6-12 month timeframe. I'm not an expert but my understanding of blockchain's capabilities and specifically its max capacities to ledger per second would allow for far too little sampling to actually be relied upon for impactful insights.   I also see issues connected to the need of all participants to "opt-in" for many of its use cases, specifically to utilize a private ledger as opposed to public. I know that there are a lot of very smart people working on these products and I'm hoping they make the progress we need to make our business that much more efficient. 

From SoMo Audience: SoMo Audience is a technology company focused on improving the relationship between marketers, publishers and their customers on all device types. Our goal is to simplify the process for a marketer to safely and confidently run any advertising campaign online.  Our tools and platforms successfully enable these transactions, and offer detailed insight into their effectiveness and performance. Learn more at

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