The new MoPub Dashboard: Total revenue visibility

July 24, 2013

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Elain Szu
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We’re very excited to announce that the highly-anticipated MoPub Dashboard is now available to all users!  After a month in beta, hundreds of users, and over one thousand publishers on our waiting list, you can now access the Dashboard simply by logging in to your MoPub account.

Our goal with this product was to alleviate two major issues for publishers: The need for deeper, more strategic insights about a publisher’s ad business and a dead simple way to access revenue data without weeks of work.

The Dashboard addresses both and offers a truly unique view of your business on a single screen. It combines key metrics, such as revenue, CPMs, and clicks, from all of your ad sources — including ad networks, direct advertisers, MoPub Marketplace , and even promotional campaigns into one view. Moreover, it gives you the ability to derive actionable business insights by comparing and contrasting different parts of your inventory and ad partners. You can then identify specific strengths and weaknesses in your business such as which networks are underperforming, which direct campaigns drove the most revenue, or what ad sizes or operating system is worth more attention.

It also saves you valuable time. Instead of spending hours collecting data from each network and running complex spreadsheets, the Dashboard enables you to see revenue data for your networks and analyze specific pieces of inventory right on the spot. Find out more below!


“This is exactly what I need to keep tabs on my monetization strategy. It has everything we need from our ad network performance to MoPub Marketplace data in one place, so I can focus on our users and spend less time chasing down data.”

– Jon Schlegel, Founder and CEO, Optime Software

Key highlights about the new Dashboard:

Drill Down on Ad Performance
Dashboard filters offer a quick and easy way to drill down into the data that matters most to you. Once you filter by app, platform, ad size, or ad source, you can easily analyze revenue, eCPMs, fill rates and CTR — and save your favorite views. You can also see a breakdown of your impressions by ad source to understand how your inventory is allocated.

Easily Compare Ad Sources
The Dashboard’s intuitive design makes it easy to compare performance across ad sources and to visualize changes in key metrics. Get a detailed breakdown of your revenue with graphs and tables that highlight daily performance by ad source. See the most relevant data to your analysis by filtering for data from specific campaigns or networks.

Develop_Strategies Develop Insights on Your Monetization Strategies
The Dashboard highlights the metrics that matter. From reviewing impressions by platform to analyzing ad network trends, it provides a flexible view of your business. With historical performance data at your fingertips, you can easily identify risks and opportunities to your monetization strategy.

Questions? Check out our Dashboard FAQ for more information. Not a current user? Register for an account to get started.

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