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November 13, 2012

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Elain Szu
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We’re excited to release the second quarterly MoPub Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report today after the immense interest in our Q2 report from publishers, advertisers, and industry analysts (and just after we’ve rounded the one year anniversary of MoPub Marketplace ).

While the data in this quarter’s report reflects the same neutral, platform perspective that we’ve always had — namely, our data reflects the supply and demand in mobile advertising, rather than any single demand source or ad network — we’ve reached even greater scale since the last report. This quarter’s data is based on over 20 billion monthly ad impressions, which is a significant increase in impressions at 33% over the previous quarter’s report.  As data-lovers, we believe that being the world’s largest mobile advertising exchange means that we can truly reflect market sentiments toward mobile advertising.

The one line takeaway: Real-time bidding picks up speed in Q3, with winning auctions increasing by 162%, eCPMs also on the rise in anticipation of Q4.

In this quarter’s report, we’ve continued to track eCPMs and Win Rate, while also adding a new index called Competitive Factor, which represents the average number of bids per impression. This is important data because it reflects what’s popular and most in demand among advertisers right now. Despite an already high base in Q2, advertiser demand in real-time bidding continued to increase at tremendous rates in the late summer months in anticipation of a big Q4 advertising season.

Other Highlights from MoPub’s Q3 Mobile Advertising Marketplace Report include:

  • Operating Systems: Android continues to catch up to iOS, with a 26% increase in price, while iOS impressions continue to garner a price premium and demonstrate a slight CPM increase in September, concurrent with the iPhone 5 release.
  • Devices: Among Apple and Android devices, the iPhone still remains the most in demand by advertisers and demand-side platforms with an average Competitive Factor of 3.5.
  • Categories: During summer months, health and fitness were the most popular verticals for advertisers, followed by news, entertainment and games. The least popular applications in the summer months were related to weather and productivity.
  • User Data: Publishers passing critical keyword information, such as age and gender, receive at least 1.4x higher eCPMs than impressions without keyword data.
  • Ad formats and sizes: Demand sources offered distinctly higher eCPMs for rich media inventory at a 1.5x multiple over non-rich media formats. Traditional desktop ad sizes, such as medium rectangles and banners saw the greatest gains in eCPMs, with increases of 42% and 20% respectively; eCPMs for iPad banners also rose by 11%.

The data reflected here is solely representative of exchange-traded media on MoPub Marketplace and does not include any ad network or ad network mediation data. MoPub does not sell advertising and does not buy inventory. Inventory on MoPub Marketplace is primarily from mobile application publishers with users in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Don’t see what you’re looking for or want more details?  Email and we’ll get it to you. You can download the full report and sign up to receive the next one here .

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