Twitter Audience Platform: What it means for publishers

August 20, 2015

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Elain Szu
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Today, Twitter announced the Twitter Audience Platform : a simple and effective way for Twitter advertisers to reach audiences both on Twitter and in the thousands of apps that work with MoPub. Advertisers around the world can now buy publisher inventory on MoPub Marketplace by utilizing Twitter’s powerful targeting, creative management, and reporting capabilities.

What this means for publishers is that MoPub Marketplace now provides unique access to advertising dollars including exclusive social ad budgets, creatives, and high-quality campaigns from Twitter advertisers. This addition to MoPub Marketplace is a critical part of our mission to offer publishers the single best platform for mobile monetization. It reinforces our goal to create the most premium, competitive, and liquid exchange for mobile ads by connecting publishers to the highest value advertising sources.

Example of a Promoted Tweet translated into a fullscreen interstitial:


MoPub publishers will have exclusive access to advertising campaigns running on Twitter from more than 90,000 advertisers.

Benefits To Publishers

  • Exclusive access to Twitter ad spend: MoPub publishers will have exclusive access to advertising campaigns running on Twitter from more than 90,000 advertisers. These campaigns will also benefit from the unique targeting signals available on Twitter such as interest and keywords, providing end users with ads that are more relevant to them.
  • More ad diversity across formats: Publishers will also receive a greater mix of ads from high quality advertisers working with Twitter’s team. In addition to full screen interstitials and banner ads, many campaigns from Twitter advertisers are specifically designed for a native advertising experience that seamlessly extend to apps with native and video ad units. Ad campaign types range from brand engagement and video views to app install and re-engagement experiences, in addition to the 155+ demand partners already buying on MoPub Marketplace.
  • Unique creatives and user experience: Creatives from Twitter advertisers offer a unique and highly engaging experience that include social actions including favorites and Retweets not available from any other demand sources. Additionally, a June 2015 study that we commissioned from MediaScience showed that consumers — both on and off Twitter users — spent about 123% more time with Twitter Audience Platform ads compared to traditional fullscreen interstitial ads.
  • More global ad campaigns: With Twitter sales teams around the world, publishers will also see more advertiser demand and higher fill from global advertising campaigns running in Europe, Asia, Latin America and other regions with demand.

We’re delighted to provide publishers with an exclusive opportunity to monetize their app with Twitter’s unique demand.  For more information about MoPub Marketplace and how to work with MoPub, contact us at or create an account to get started.

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