Viewability matters: The value for mobile publishers

September 26, 2017

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Meridith Miller
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Leading up to our recent viewability measurement announcement, MoPub and Integral Ad Science held an event at Twitter HQ designed to provide mobile publishers with insight into why viewability matters and how it can unlock brand spend. Check out the quick highlight video below to learn more.

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As we move towards Q4, and the brand spend that typically comes at this time, the time is now for savvy mobile app publishers to integrate viewability measurement and capture the brand dollars dependent on it. 

“[We’ve created] a transparent, agnostic solution that works for the buy side and has been made as simple as possible on the publisher side. The message here is pretty straightforward: there’s a ton of pent-up demand behind viewability.”
—Anand Ramesh, Head of Publisher Partnerships, Americas, MoPub

Now more than ever is the time for us to capitalize on this. It’s important that we’re speaking the right language and meeting advertisers’ expectations when it comes to media quality — and that is viewability.”
—Jason Cooper, General Manager, Mobile, Integral Ad Science

“If we can’t measure it, if we don’t have viewability in there, we can’t optimize it — and then it’s really hard for us to go to our leadership and say, ‘Buy this inventory.’ In-app has become so important [...] but without certain measurement capabilities, I can’t justify it.”
—Alison Gensheimer, VP, Digital Marketing, Wells Fargo

Interested in getting started with viewability measurement? If you’re a MoPub publisher, download the latest version of our SDK to enable IAS and Moat in your app. If you’re a buyer looking to access measurable inventory through MoPub, please contact your account team, or DSP partner.

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