Welcoming Pangle to MoPub Marketplace

March 09, 2020

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Pavlina Vasilatou
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mopub pangle bytedance

MoPub is pleased to announce the integration and launch of the Pangle demand-side platform (DSP) on MoPub Marketplace. Pangle is the leading video advertising platform from ByteDance that offers interactive and high performing in-app advertising solutions. 

Pangle is quite unique in that the combination of next generation of advertising technology and distinct ad formats have made Pangle a powerful partner for performance marketers. We believe Pangle will drive new advertisers into the MoPub supply base and are excited about connecting their demand to our publishers.

“We put our advertiser’s campaign performance first, and we are very bullish on real-time bidding as a strategy that will drive results for our performance advertisers. The combination of immense reach to 55,000+ apps through a trusted, direct SDK integration made MoPub a priority partner for us.”

—Lynn Wu, Head of Business Development, Pangle

What’s next:
MoPub will continue to work with Pangle to expand its buying capabilities across geos and ad formats. In particular there is an immediate plan to include native and rewarded video in the format mix. Keep an eye out for updates, and feel free to reach out to your MoPub representative with questions at any time.

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About the author: Pavlina Vasilatou, Strategic Partner Development Manager

Pavlina has extensive experience across agencies, brands, and programmatic exchanges to deliver performance and omnichannel KPIs. She joined MoPub in 2018, and since then she has been working with demand-side platforms (DSPs) across EU, APAC, and the US. Pavlina loves digital marketing, analytics, pasta, and sunny places. You can connect with Pavlina on Twitter at @PavlinaVslt.

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