Working With Ad Networks Just Got Easier

March 13, 2013

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Elain Szu
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We know the flexibility to choose the ad networks that you work with is crucial to our publishers.  As a result, we’ve improved our Custom Native Networks (aka “Custom Events”) functionality to make working with any ad networks easier.

We’ve also included additional support for interstitial providers, including Chartboost and Greystripe, with this update.  This means you’ll be able to fill more of your interstitial inventory on MoPub with these two partners.

Key highlights about this update:

  • Integrate with ad networks that are not currently supported with a server-to-server integration on MoPub
  • Pre-cache your interstitials from Custom Native Networks just like you do for your other MoPub supported networks
  • Publishers can also now pass any data (such as an ad network ID) to a Custom Native Network, eliminating the need to update your app for new data
  • Backward compatible: In apps with an older SDK installed, the previous version with Custom Event Methods will continue to function normally

We’ve created detailed instructions on how to set up a Custom Native Network for your development team.  MoPub Premier members can also contact their Account Manager with any questions.  For technical set up, check out our Github Pages for iOS Custom Events and Android Custom Events .

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