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Crazy Maple Studios sees 20% ARPDAU, 20% non-IDFA ARPU and 50% operational efficiency increases with Advanced Bidding

Crazy Maple Studios was born in Beijing in 2020, with notable app Chapters: Interactive Stories that totals around 50 million installs. The publisher first leveraged another platform for in-app monetization, as it was relatively simple and easy to use as they were just starting out. By August of 2020, however, Crazy Maple moved to MoPub and began leveraging Advanced Bidding by September of that year.





The monetization platform Crazy Maple first used provided relatively limited data and made it difficult for the publisher to quickly identify issues and opportunities.
In order to maximize ad revenue, Crazy Maple took great efforts to optimize their title’s waterfall. These efforts not only took substantial time to optimize, but these frequent changes also sometimes disrupted their machine learning process. All these optimization results did not even guarantee performance.
Crazy Maple was looking for a solution that is reliable, efficient and maximizes user advertising value.


Once they started working with MoPub, Crazy Maple Studios experienced substantially more performance data, transparency, and ease of use that generated stronger performance for their business.

The publisher leveraged A/B testing on Chapters: Interactive Stories to pit bidding against the traditional waterfall, in order to examine the potential lift that Advanced Bidding could provide. Crazy Maple Studios focused on the rewarded video format. For Advanced Bidding, the publisher used almost every network that MoPub supports, as they believed that a wide range of bidding ad sources helps them to maximize the results from bidding. In order to address some of the latest operating system privacy changes, Crazy Maple also tried setting up different unified auctions for addressable and non-addressable traffic on iOS.


Crazy Maple began leveraging Advanced Bidding in September 2020. As of April 2021, they were seeing more ad revenue from each player as well as getting time back to focus thinking about optimizing ad placements and user satisfaction. They not only saw an ARPDAU increase of 10-20%, but they also experienced an increase in operational efficiency of 50% in contrast to their traditional set up.1

Optimized unified auctions for non-addressable traffic increased ARPU 10-20% compared to the traditional waterfall.2

1 Crazy Maple Studios internal data
2 Crazy Maple Studios internal data

MoPub is the mediation platform with powerful product functionality, secure and stable SDKs, and open and transparent data, making it an excellent ad monetization partner for us. Switching to MoPub mediation has increased our ARPDAU by 20%. Using Advanced Bidding has further increased ARPDAU, in addition to reducing the operating costs of waterfalls, allowing us to spend more energy on optimizing products and ad placements.

Chelly, Senior Marketing Manager, Crazy Maple Studio

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