MoPub Policies for Advertising Demand Partners


If you choose to use the MoPub Services as an advertiser, demand side platform, advertising network or other advertising demand source (“Advertising Demand Partners”), you are required to adhere to the following policies (formerly known as the “MoPub Policies for Demand Side Partners”), any applicable portions of MoPub’s Terms of Service, and agreements you have entered into with MoPub. If you fail to comply, we reserve the right to disable your account or take any other appropriate action as described in the Enforcement section below. Twitter’s Ads Policies may also apply.

Please note that we may change our policies at any time. It is your responsibility to keep up to date with and adhere to the policies posted here.

If you have any questions about any of our creative ad restrictions or policy guidelines, please contact your Account Team or


I. Privacy Obligations

Privacy Policy: Advertising Demand Partners using the MoPub Services must prominently and publicly display and abide by an appropriate privacy policy. Advertising Demand Partners must require advertisers and customers to abide by the Advertising Demand Partner’s privacy policy, as well as the MoPub Policies for Advertising Demand Partners, any applicable portions of the Advertising Demand Partners’ agreements with MoPub, and any applicable portions of MoPub’s Terms of Service.

Consent: Advertising Demand Partners must provide visible notice to, and where necessary, obtain legally sufficient consent from users regarding the scope of Advertising Demand Partners’ collection, use, sharing, or other processing of personal data.For users located in the European Economic Area, United Kingdom, or Switzerland, MoPub’s Publisher Partners are required to obtain consent for the processing of the user’s personal data by MoPub and MoPub Partners, including Advertising Demand Partners (with the limited exception described in the “Supported Advertising Mediation Partners’ Reliance on Legitimate Interests” section below), for personalized advertising purposes. Advertising Demand Partners’ processing of personal data should not extend beyond the purpose authorized by the user’s consent unless Advertising Demand Partner has other legal grounds for such processing.

Withdrawal of Consent: If a user located in the European Economic Area, United Kingdom, or Switzerland (or another region in which a Publisher Partner has decided to obtain consent) withdraws consent to the processing of their personal data by MoPub and MoPub Partners, MoPub will inform Advertising Demand Partners that the user has withdrawn consent (through a method defined in MoPub’s technical documentation). Advertising Demand Partners are independently responsible for meeting any obligation to honor the user’s choice to withdraw consent, including by not engaging in further processing of the user’s personal data unless Advertising Demand Partner has other legal grounds for such processing.

Supported Advertising Mediation Partners’ Reliance on Legitimate Interests: MoPub does not rely upon legitimate interests as a basis for processing personal data for personalized advertising purposes, and will not share personal data with Advertising Demand Partners on this basis. However, Publisher Partners and Supported Advertising Mediation Partners may mutually decide, through a separate agreement, to rely upon legitimate interests as their legal basis for the processing of personal data for this purpose, and Publisher Partners may use the MoPub SDK to send a flag to their chosen Supported Advertising Mediation Partners signaling this agreement. In these cases, all personal data is processed by the Publisher Partner and Supported Advertising Mediation Partners directly through the Supported Advertising Mediation Partner’s SDK, and MoPub does not engage in any personal data processing. To use the MoPub SDK’s legitimate interests flag, Publisher Partners and Supported Advertising Mediation Partners must provide visible notice to users regarding their reliance on legitimate interests for personalized advertising purposes, and are prohibited from relying on legitimate interests when a user has affirmatively provided, denied, or withdrawn consent for the processing of their personal data for personalized advertising purposes.

California Opt-Outs: MoPub requires Publisher Partners to allow users to opt out of the sale of their personal information as defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). When MoPub receives an opt out signal from a Publisher Partner, it will flag the bid request as DNT = 1 and will remove unique identifiers such as advertising ID and full IP address before passing the bid request to Advertising Demand Partners. When you receive a bid request that is flagged as opted out, you must honor the user’s choice as described below.

Honoring Privacy Choices: Advertising Demand Partners must respect privacy flags, such as DNT = 1, other California opt outs of sale, and COPPA flags, when provided. Advertising Demand Partners may use data from any user that they know to be under 13, or from any bid request flagged with DNT = 1, COPPA = 1, or another form of California opt out of sale flag, solely for frequency capping and contextual advertising (the delivery of advertisements based upon a consumer’s current visit to a web page or a single search query, without the collection and retention of data about the consumer’s online activities over time). To the extent Advertising Demand Partners receive personal information or personal data with a privacy flag, you will use such information as a service provider to the Publisher Partner and may not use such data to create user or device profiles, to contact a specific individual, including through interest-based advertising, or for any other purpose. Demand Partners must also abide by any other user- or device-level choices made known to them through the MoPub services or otherwise.

Prohibition on Sensitive Personal Data: Advertising Demand Partners may not use the MoPub services to infer, collect, or associate with any individual, household, or device any information concerning racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical affiliation or beliefs, trade-union membership, health, sex life or sexual orientation, genetic data or biometric data, criminal convictions or alleged commission of an offense.

Privacy Shield: Advertising Demand Partners must not use any data received through the MoPub Services for purposes other than those set out in the MoPub policies and agreements entered into with MoPub, and must implement reasonable and appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect such data from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Advertising Demand Partners must also provide a way for individuals to contact them with inquiries and requests regarding their information.

If for any reason an Advertising Demand Partner is unable to comply with a privacy obligation set out in the MoPub policies or agreements entered into with MoPub, it must promptly inform MoPub by contacting your Account Team with the subject “Privacy Shield: Demand Partner Non-Compliance”; take all reasonable and appropriate steps to remedy such non-compliance; and cease use of any data received through MoPub’s services unless and until such non-compliance can be remedied.

II. Content Restrictions for Advertising Creatives

Prohibited Content

Advertising Demand Partners must not serve ads which promote the following content.

*Note: Check MoPub’s Policies for Publisher Partners for information about Rewarded videos. Mediated in-app rewarded video ads can be run by Publisher Partners subject to some restrictions.

Restricted Content

Advertising Demand Partners may run advertisements that contain the following content, or that promote the following categories of products and services, only as permitted under Twitter’s Ads Policies in selected markets.

  • Alcohol content:
    • IAB8-5 (Cocktails/Beer), IAB8-18 (Wine)
  • Financial services:
    • IAB13-1 (Beginning Investing), IAB13-2 (Credit/Debt & Loans), IAB13-4 (Financial Planning), IAB13-5 (Hedge Fund), IAB13-6 (Insurance), IAB13-7 (Investing), IAB13-8 (Mutual Funds), IAB13-9 (Options), IAB13-10 (Retirement Planning), IAB13-11 (Stocks)
  • Gambling content:
    • IAB9-7 (Card Games)
  • Lotteries content:
    • IAB3-7 (Government)
  • Health and pharmaceutical products and services:
    • IAB7-5 (Alternative Medicine)
  • Political campaigning:
    • IAB11-4 (Politics)

Prior to running campaigns in any of the above categories, please contact your MoPub Account Team or

Prohibited Content for Minors

Advertising Demand Partners may not use the MoPub Service to target or re-target to users under the age of 13, nor to websites or apps directed to users under the age of 13. In the European Economic Area, United Kingdom, and Switzerland, Advertising Demand Partners may not use the MoPub Services to target or re-target to users under the age of 16.

In addition to the Restricted Content listed above, Demand Partners may not use the MoPub Service to knowingly market or advertise the following products or services to users under the age of 18:

  • Alcoholic beverages and related accessories
  • Weapons, ammunition, or weapons training/certification
  • Projectile, BB, or pellet guns/devices
  • Fireworks
  • Aerosol paint or etching cream capable of defacing property
  • Tobacco products or accessories, including electronic cigarettes
  • Any controlled substance or paraphernalia
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Any substance/material containing Salvia divinorum or Salvinorin A
  • Dietary supplement products
  • Tanning in an ultraviolet tanning device
  • Gambling products and services, including lotteries
  • Body branding such as tattooing, body piercing, or permanent cosmetics
  • Sexual products and services or content adult in nature
Prohibited Creative Attributes

Advertising Demand Partners must not serve ads with these creative attributes or behaviors:

  • (IAB8) Pop (e.g. Over, Under, or Upon Exit)
  • (IAB14) Windows Dialog or Alert Style (e.g., any creative that a user might mistake for an OS or application-level notification rather than an advertisement): This includes, but is not limited to, deceptive ads that resemble user interface elements (e.g., text boxes) and creatives that mimic buttons or icons that claim a functionality that is not there (e.g., play, chat, wink, friends, search buttons)
  • (IAB3) Expandable (Automatic) – ads that automatically expand without the user’s engagement or action (e.g., click, touch)
  • Auto-redirect: ads that automatically redirect the user without the user’s engagement or action (e.g., click, touch)
  • (IAB11) Ads that do not ask the user for permission before initiating any downloads/installations/services/fees. This includes Click-to-Call and Click-to-Subscribe ads that do not include an intermediary landing page or other prompt that clearly explains the terms and/or fees associated with the call or subscription.
  • Ads and Advertising Demand Partner use of the MoPub platform that interfere with the operation of MoPub’s network. For example, use that interferes with the normal operation of an end user’s device, or otherwise creates a safety or security risk to the MoPub platform, our customers, or our end users, is prohibited.

III. Technical Requirements for Advertising Creatives

All creatives must comply with technical requirements stated in our MoPub OpenRTB 2.3 Spec and must provide the following information with every ad request sent via the MoPub SDK:

  • Image URL: The image URL inputted by the Advertising Demand Partner must match the user displayed image.
    • Note: iURL for VAST or MRAID bid responses is not required to match the user displayed image. Advertising Demand Partners may either submit the preview link or provide a representative example.
  • Landing page: If the landing page is to an app store, it should have the correct app store link (e.g., if the device is a Kindle, landing page should go to Kindle app store).
  • Adomain:
    • Must match the top level domain for the advertiser landing page and must be passed with only .com or .countrycode appended (e.g., or
    • In the case of app store destinations, the adomain should represent the app’s equivalent URL and not the full app store URL (e.g., for Candy Crush Saga, the adomain should be “” and not “”).
    • In the case of apps that do not have a registered domain, please use [app name].com (e.g.,
  • Video settings: Advertising Demand Partners must comply with all publisher’s video settings (VAST auto-play video, MRAID auto-play video, MRAID click-to-play video), including but not limited to:
    • Serve video only to video-enabled bid requests
    • Serve video only to interstitial ad placements
    • Respect publishers’ min/max duration values as indicated in the in bid request.

Note: For more information on video ads, please refer to the video ads best practices documentation.

MRAID close button delay:

  • MRAID interstitial video ads must include a close button and adhere to no longer than a 5 second close delay.
  • MRAID close button delay for playable ads are allowed up to 5 seconds delay in all inventory. Please note that:
    • Advertisers must not serve when the publisher declares IAB creative attribute 13 in the battr[ ] fields.
    • Advertisers must use IAB creative attribute 13 for this type of ads.
    • DSPs must have ‘MRAID playable’ in the crtype field when sending a playable ad.

Failing to comply with the above will result in a violation of this policy and can be subject to penalties.

IV. Editorial Content Policies for Advertising Creatives

Our editorial guidelines are in place to ensure that users have a positive user experience with creatives on MoPub.

  • Accurate and clear content: Creatives should be of high editorial quality. Those which are gimmicky, misleading, or of low editorial quality are prohibited.
  • Offensive language: Do not include language in creatives that could offend or shock users (e.g., IAB25-4 Profane Content).

V. Marketplace Pricing Confidentiality and Bidding

All pricing information is confidential and may not be shared with any other party besides MoPub, except as expressly permitted by MoPub or otherwise required by law. MoPub reserves the right to terminate all Marketplace participation if there is a breach of confidentiality for pricing or other confidential auction-related information.

The highest bid may not always win an auction, such as when a buyer, seller, or MoPub specifies requirements on bidding terms, or specifies exclusions regarding who may buy its inventory. The MoPub Marketplace allows for transactions in real time, and bids and offers may compete simultaneously against multiple other bids and offers.

MoPub makes no guarantee regarding the level of impressions of ads, the timing of delivery of such impressions or the amount of any resulting payment to be made.


Your use of MoPub’s services is subject to any applicable portions of MoPub’s Terms of Service, license agreements, privacy policies, content policies and our other legal rights. If we suspect that an ad is in violation of our rights or policies, then we may stop it from running, and it may no longer be accepted in MoPub. We may also decrease your QPS, and block certain creatives, landing pages, or content. In some cases, including but not limited to multiple or severe violations of our rights or policies, we may suspend or terminate your account.

For any queries concerning MoPub Policies for Advertising Demand Partners, please contact your MoPub Account Team or

Effective: January 1, 2020