MoPub Opt Out Information

MoPub has been acquired by AppLovin and the features you’ve relied on have been rolled into AppLovin’s leading monetization solution, MAX and are now available to you, along with many new features.

  • MoPub’s servers supporting publisher traffic, MoPub MPX, publisher dashboard and DSP dashboard will sunset on March 31, 2022. 
  • MoPub analytics and GDPR Withdrawal-of-Consent API will be available until April 8, 2022.

MoPub and AppLovin teams are standing by to help with your migration to MAX. Migrate to MAX or contact us for more details.

MoPub Opt Out Information

Effective Date: January 1, 2022

MoPub respects your privacy. You can choose whether to receive personalized advertising from MoPub, and, if you are a California consumer, you can opt out of the “sale” of your personal information under California law (for more information please refer to our California Consumer Privacy Statement). To opt out via your device settings, follow the steps below depending on your device type.


Depending on the applicable iOS version, you may opt out across all apps by either enabling the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting or disabling the “Allow Apps to Request to Track” permission in your iOS device settings. Depending on the applicable iOS version, you may also have the option of opting out on a per-app basis by disabling tracking permissions for specific apps that appear under the “Allow Apps to Request to Track” setting in your iOS device settings. (Precise directions may differ depending on the applicable iOS version.)


On Android devices, you may opt out in the Google Ads settings within your Android settings by enabling the “Opt out of Ads Personalization” setting. (Precise directions and the name of the setting may differ depending on the applicable Android version and device manufacturer.)

If, as described above, you use your device settings to opt out, then when MoPub receives notice of your opt out, we will not collect, use, share, or otherwise process personal data from your device or that app (as applicable) to personalize your advertising experience. MoPub will also communicate a signal indicating your opt out preference to our Advertising Demand Partners so that they can also respect your choice.

Through our agreements and policies, MoPub (a) requires that our Advertising Demand Partners honor opt out preferences expressed using these controls by serving only contextual advertisements; and (b) prohibits Advertising Demand Partners from using the data contained in ad requests to serve personalized advertising or to create a personalized advertising profile of the user or device. Please note that while opting out may limit MoPub's use of information to serve you personalized ads, it does not prevent you from receiving ads from MoPub or third parties.

If you are visiting this page from clicking on a choice icon in an ad please see below:

Who served this ad?

This ad was served by MoPub. MoPub provides advertising technology services that allow publishers of mobile applications to promote, and show ads in, their apps.

Why am I seeing this ad?

To create a more customized advertising experience, MoPub may collect information when you download, visit, or interact with the app or website of a MoPub advertiser or publisher, such as how you interact with ads displayed in apps, the ads you viewed or clicked, and your in-app purchases.

Please read MoPub's Privacy Policy to learn more about MoPub’s collection and processing of personal information.