In-App Monetization for Publishers: Overview #ElevateYourGame

Take control of your app monetization with MoPub

MoPub provides the reliable foundation for a successful, durable app business that thrives in the short- and long-term. Our flexible solution is built with your needs in mind. MoPub's in-app advertising platform maximizes your revenue by enabling a true unified auction amongst all of your demand sources: ad networks, demand-side platforms (DSPs), and direct-sold deals or cross-promotions.

In-App Advertising: Earn more with ultimate demand diversity

App monetization made easy: thanks to our unbiased unified auction, your inventory is filled by the highest-paying demand source. With just one MoPub SDK, access and manage global advertising demand from over 130 real-time bidding DSPs. Combine that with your direct sold deals, cross-promotions, and PMPs; then add mediation for any ad networks you fancy to ensure you monetize your app with maximum competition.

Control your ad inventory

Built for ultimate control, transparency, and flexibility, MoPub’s powerful tools, interface, and cutting-edge in-app advertising formats allow you to tailor your app monetization strategy to your business priorities. You control the demand you want to see as you monetize your app, and gain transparency through our intuitive dashboard.

In-app monetization with creative and traffic quality

Thanks to our partnerships with industry leaders like DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, The Media Trust, MOAT (Oracle), and Pixalate, you can have confidence in creative and traffic quality. And because MoPub is part of the Twitter family, you'll benefit from exclusive demand for MoPub customers from the world's top brands, which flows into your app through the Twitter Audience Platform.

"Leveraging the MoPub platform helped us to grow our business at scale thanks to the flexibility offered by its waterfall and its granular controls. We haven't seen these kind of capabilities with other platforms."

Celine Droit, Monetization and UA Manager, Voodoo

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MoPub elevates your game.

Powered by Twitter

We're proud to be part of Twitter, a publicly-traded company that puts privacy and security first, provides us with world-class infrastructure, and delivers incremental and differentiated demand from the world's top advertisers and brands to MoPub’s publisher partners.


Our full-platform solution has three core areas: ad network mediation, our real-time bidding (RTB) Marketplace, and ad serving for direct, cross-promotion, and private marketplace deals. Throughout all areas, our platform is built on transparency, control, and quality. MoPub publishers enjoy maximized revenue, increased operational efficiency, and the ability to tailor your app monetization strategy to your business priorities and your users' needs.


We're fans of long-term relationships. Our dedicated experts put your business first, acting with radical candor and unbiased objectivity; we support our publishers with day-to-day optimizations, strategic advice, analytics expertise, and dedicated technical support. And we're global: our team speaks over 10 languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Hebrew, and Portuguese — and we love traveling to you for hands-on support.

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