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Channeling the power of in-app for brand performance: Viewability, reach and scale

Find out:

  • Why consumers spend more time on their mobile devices than watching TV
  • Mobile in-app viewability and in-app measurement benchmarks
  • Three tips on making the most of the in-app environment via audience targeting by tapping into passions, video formats and gaming

In-app audiences: Gamers, videos ads and successful campaigns


  • Why mobile gaming demographics are surprisingly diverse
  • Why gamers, advertisers and publishers prefer rewarded video ad experiences
  • Why in-app ads beat mobile web ads in viewability and brand safety
  • How in-app ad measurement has caught up to the mobile web

Understanding the holiday season & consumer shopping habits


  • Consumers’ in-app shopping habits during the pandemic
  • The impact of changing customer journeys on the holiday season
  • Pointers and advice on reaching holiday shoppers before, during and after the holidays

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