Control the user experience with in-app ad formats

Ads are at the very center of our business: our platform enables publishers to monetize their apps by selling ad space to our participating buyers. That is why ad formats, and the way they appear and behave on mobile devices, are so crucial to the success of all our partners.

As device manufacturers constantly update the sizes and quality of mobile screens, mobile ad formats are also evolving to facilitate better user experiences, stronger engagement and ultimately, higher-performing advertising campaigns.

At MoPub, we currently support four main types of ad formats on our platform:



Especially for mobile, these ads reward users for watching short videos or interacting with playable ads.



Full-screen static, video, or rich media (playable) ads that appear at natural transition points in the user flow of an app. The ad is self-contained within its own window, not within the app’s layout.



Ads that appear naturally within the app’s content. The ad experience follows the natural form and function of the app’s user experience in which it is placed.



Ads that remain on screen, within the app’s layout, while the user is interacting with an app. Banner ads typically include a combination of static/animated images and/or text.

To better understand how ad formats can work for you, please take a look through a sampling of our fact-sheets and case studies below.  We also offer more technical documentation on our developer site.



Ready to get started?




Ready to get started?