MoPub Partners

Updated: January 10, 2020

MoPub, a division of Twitter International Company (collectively “MoPub”), works with Publisher Partners, Advertising Demand Partners, Supported Advertising Mediation Partners, Data Partners, and Fraud and Measurement Partners (collectively, “MoPub Partners”) in order to provide the MoPub Services.

Unless otherwise noted with an (*) below, MoPub Partners are each independent controllers of your data. By consenting to MoPub’s personalized advertising experience, you consent to MoPub processing your personal data in order to enable MoPub and MoPub Partners to show advertising that we believe is more relevant to you. In doing this, MoPub shares data that it collects about you with MoPub Partners, including without limitation device identifiers, location data, and other demographic and interest data, and process it in order to provide this personalized advertising experience to you.  MoPub Partners, as independent controllers, may also have separate legal bases for collecting, using, retaining, and sharing your personal data, and may share your data for a variety of purposes, including those outlined below in the applicable section or sections. 

We encourage you to read MoPub Partners’ policies to understand their privacy practices, the legal bases for their processing of your personal data, and any options that they provide for exercising control over such processing. MoPub requires our partners to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, to comply with the MoPub Publisher Partner Policies and Advertising Demand Partner Policies, where applicable, and to provide you with sufficient notice of their processing of your personal data.

Publisher Partners

Publisher Partners are the companies that develop the apps that you use and that integrate the MoPub Services in order to show you advertising in their apps.

Advertising Demand Partners

Advertising Demand Partners are companies that advertisers work with to bid on ad inventory through the MoPub advertising exchange and to serve the ad that is most relevant to you.  In determining which ad or ads may be most relevant to you, these Advertising Demand Partners may use your data in order to, among other activities, predict which ads or campaigns you will be most likely to engage with and make other inferences about you.  Our Advertising Demand Partners may also share your data with third-party measurement partners in order to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, including by combining data collected about you through MoPub with data collected about you via other channels, including other online and offline activity.  In order to find out more, please refer to the privacy policies listed below.

Brand NameCorporate NamePrivacy Policy
Twitter Twitter International Company (MoPub’s parent company)
Aarki Aarki, Inc
AcuityAds Acuityads inc.
AdColony AdColony, Inc.
Addictive Mobility Addictive Tech Corp.
Adelphic Adelphic, LLC
Adform AdForm Aps
AdGoji MillMobile BV
Adobe Adobe Systems Incorporated
AdTheorent AdTheorent, Inc.
AdXcel Adxcel
Adxperience Adxperience SAS
Appier Appier Pte. Ltd
AppLift AppLift Pte. Ltd.
AppLovin AppLovin Corp.
AppNexus AppNexus Inc.
Appreciate Triapodi Ltd
appTV apptv ltd
Avazu Avazu Inc.
Axonix Axonix Ltd
Beeswax BeeswaxIO Corporation
BiddingX RevX Inc.
Bidease Bidease
Bidsopt BidsOpt Pte. Ltd
Blis Blis Media Limited
Bucksense Bucksense Inc.
Adways Bulbit Inc.
Cauly FSN Display Inc.
Centro Centro, Inc.
Chalk Digital Chalk Digital, Inc.
Cluep Cluep, Inc.
Conversant Conversant LLC
Criteo Criteo SA
CrossInstall CrossInstall, Inc.
Crosstarget OnnuriDMC Inc.
Darriens D’Arriens
dataxu DataXu, Inc.
Google Google LLC
Deep Forest Media Rakuten Marketing LLC
Drawbridge Drawbridge, Inc
Dstillery Dstillery, Inc.
Dynalyst CyberAgent, Inc.
Emodo, Inc. Emodo, Inc.
engage:BDR EngageBDR
EnvisionX EnvisionX Ltd
EQ Works EQ Advertising Group Ltd.
Eskimi AB Aktyvus Sektorius
ZypMedia ZypMedia, Inc. FKA ExtendTV, Inc.
External Viewpoint Consultant Limited External Viewpoint consulting limited
Eyeview Eyeview Inc.
ClickDealer GDM Services, Inc.
Amazon Advertising Platform, Inc
Fractional Media Fractional Media, Inc.
FreakOut FreakOut, Inc.
Front Porch Front Porch, Inc.
Fusio by S4M Fusio by S4M SASU
GadMobe Gadmobe Interactive Limited
Go2mobi Go2mobi (ConvertStar Inc)
Groupon Groupon Inc
Hindustan Times HT Mobile Solutions Limited
Hybrid OOO “Kontekstno-mediynye tekhnologii”
IGAWorks IGAWorks Inc.
IgnitionOne IgnitionOne, Inc.
IntentIQ IntentIQ LLC
Jampp Jampp Limited
NinthDecimal NinthDecimal, Inc.
JUICE Mobile JUICE Mobile USA Inc.
Leadbolt LeadBolt Pty Ltd
LifeStreet Lifestreet Corporation
Liftoff Liftoff Mobile Inc.
LinkedIn LinkedIn Corporation
dM LiquidM Technology GmbH
LoopMe LoopMe Ltd
Lumate Interdisciplinary Design Collaborative LLC
Hyper Ad Exchange Maelico Ltd.
Manage Group, Inc.
Marin Software Marin Software Incorporated
Maxpoint Maxpoint Interactive, Inc.
MediaMath, Inc. MediaMath, Inc.
MediaSmart Mediasmart Mobile S.L.
AdzMedia Mobileadz PTE Ltd
MobileWalla Mobilewalla,Inc.
MobPro Mobile Professionals B.V.
Mobusi Mobusi Mobile Advertising S.L.
MobVista MobVista International Technology Limited
MolocoAds Moloco Inc
Bridge Marketing OWMN LLC (d/b/a, “Bridge Marketing, Ltd.”)
Nasmedia Nasmedia Co., Ltd
Native Touch Somo Ads Inc (DBA: Native Touch)
Near Near Pte Ltd
Nex8 F@N Communications Inc
PaeDae PaeDae Inc dba The Mobile Majority
Papaya Papaya Group Co., Ltd
Permodo Permodo GmbH
Phunware Phunware, Inc.
PlaceIQ PlaceIQ, Inc.
PLR Worldwide PLR Worldwide Sales Ltd.
PocketMath PocketMath, Inc.
Publishers Internationale Publisher’s Internationale Pty Ltd
Qriously Qriously Inc
RadiumOne RadiumOne, Inc.
Real Zeit realzeit GmbH
Remerge Remerge GmbH
RevX RevX Inc.
Rocketfuel Rocket Fuel, Inc
Sabio Mobile Sabio Mobile, LLC
Sift Media Sift Media, Inc.
SilverPush SilverEdge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Simplaex Simplaex GmbH
Simplifi Simplifi Holdings Inc.
Sito Mobile SITO, Inc.
Smadex Smadex S.L.
SmartRTB Smart RTB, LLC ProSiebenSat1 Media SE
Somo Audience SoMo Audience Corp
Splicky Jaduda GmbH
Spotad Spotad LTD
StackAdapt StackAdapt Inc
StartApp StartApp Inc.
SuperShip Supership Inc.
SVG Media SVG Media FZ LLC
Swelen Swelen France
TabMo TabMo SAS
TapTap TAPTAP Networks S.L.
Taptica Tapitca Ltd.
Telecoming Telecoming, S.A.
The Trade Desk The Trade Desk, Inc.
ThinkNear Adikteev GmbH
Trademob Trademob GbmH
Turn Amobee, Inc. and Turn Inc.
UberMedia UberMedia, Inc.
Ubimo Ubimo Ltd.
Verve Mobile Verve Wireless, Inc.
Videoamp Videoamp, Inc.
Videonow Videonow LLC
Vindico Viant Technology LLC
Vizury Vizury Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
VPON Quadas, Inc.
Vserv Vserv Digital Services Pte Ltd.
WapStart WapStart Limited Liabiity Company
xAd xAd, Inc., dba GroundTruth
Yahoo! Yahoo! Holdings Inc.
Yandex Yandex Europe AG
Zapr Red Brick Lane Marketing Solutions Private Limited
Zemanta Zemanta, Inc.
Zucks Zucks, Inc.

Supported Advertising Mediation Partners

Supported Advertising Mediation Partners are companies that our Publisher Partners work with independently in order to serve ads to you in their apps. The MoPub Services support the technical integration of these Supported Advertising Mediation Partners’ services in our Publisher Partners’ apps.

MoPub’s Supported Advertising Mediation Partners include:

Brand NameCorporate NamePrivacy Policy
AdColony, Inc. AdColony, Inc.
AppLovin AppLovin LLC,
Chartboost Chartboost, Inc.
Conversant Conversant LLC
Facebook Audience Network Facebook, Inc., Facebook Ireland Limited
Flurry Oath, Inc.
Google Google LLC
ironSource ironSource Ltd.
Lifestreet Lifestreet, Inc.
MobFox Matomy Media Group Ltd.
Mobilecore ironSource Ltd.
One Mobile Oath Inc.
TapJoy, Inc. TapJoy, Inc.
Unity Technologies Unity Technologies
Vungle Vungle, Inc.

Data Partners

Data Partners are companies that create demographic and interest segments based on device identifiers, location data, and other personal data in order to help Advertising Demand Partners choose the best ad for you.

MoPub’s Data Partners include:

BrandCorporate NamePrivacy Policy
AdSquare adsquare GmbH
comScore comScore, Inc.
Factual Factual Inc.

Fraud and Measurement Partners

Fraud and Measurement Partners are companies that help with anti-fraud, quality, and security efforts to ensure the safety, security, privacy, and accuracy of the MoPub Services, including detecting whether clicks on ads are fraudulent and whether ads are viewable within an app. Some of these partners are our service providers, and act as data processors with respect to your personal data.

Publisher Partners can use the MoPub Services to integrate code from some of these Fraud and Measurement Partners directly into their apps. In these cases, the Fraud and Measurement Partner is an independent controller and is solely responsible for the collection and processing of personal data through its code.

MoPub’s Fraud and Measurement Partners include:

Brand NameCorporate NamePrivacy Policy
Forensiq Forensiq, LLC*
Integral Ad Science Integral Ad Science, Inc.
MetaMarkets Snap Inc.*
Moat Moat, Inc.