MoPub Demand Newsletter, July 2016

  [article title="Partner Spotlight: 5 Questions for Dave Austria, Director of Partnerships at Tapad" image="" anchor="spotlight"] 1. What trends do you see in mobile programmatic right now?  

Mobile programmatic is becoming less of a singular tactic, and more so part of a comprehensive, integrated cross-device marketing strategy that engages consumers at every turn. In order to achieve this, marketers must be able to leverage their data. A successful mobile programmatic partner is able to ingest and apply a marketer’s first party data not only on mobile, but also across consumers’ other devices for a complete picture.

2. What’s your favorite MoPub product?

The filtering tool within the MoPub Demand Platform. It's an easy-to-use but powerful tool (and also saves a lot of back and forth). It's truly unique to MoPub.

3. What’s the biggest misconception in the market right now?

There are many ways to target consumers on multiple screens, but there’s only one way to engage them cross-device.

A multi-screened approach suffers from a lack of connection between devices, as well as siloed reach. Without your customer in the center of your programmatic strategy, marketers are unable to connect devices to take more control over things like sequential messaging, accurate cross-device measurement and comprehensive insights.  

Savvy marketers need to employ a true cross-device strategy to make the most of the programmatic budgets.

4. Crystal ball: what will we be talking about in the next 6-12 months?


In the very near future, any cross-device strategy not featuring TV as part of their measurement will be incomplete. It’s no longer enough to simply consider reach and frequency for digital devices. Marketers are going to want universal metrics that quantify the impact of their TV ad buys and bridge the digital gap. Rethinking traditional TV metrics will enable marketers to understand whether their TV spots were able to drive consumers to take an action on their other devices.

5. Bonus: where's your favorite place to travel?


  From Tapad: Life is continuous. Your experiences across screens should be, too. Tapad's powerful algorithms and revolutionary technology deliver the highest possible probability that devices are related. The results: deeper engagement, a more enriched experience and better returns. [/article]

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      Updated: July 2016