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Maximize revenue for every ad impression with a monetization platform that enables a true unified auction amongst all of your demand sources — direct sold, ad networks, and demand-side platforms (DSPs). Take control of your monetization strategy with our flexible solution that's built with your needs in mind.

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Earn more with a unified auction

With just one MoPub SDK, access and manage global advertising demand from over 180 real-time bidding DSPs. Combine that with your direct sold deals and any ad networks you fancy to ensure maximum competition; your inventory will be filled by the highest-paying demand source.

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Control your inventory and user experience

Built for ultimate control, transparency, and flexibility, MoPub’s tools, interface, and cutting-edge ad formats allow you to tailor your monetization strategy to your business priorities. You control the demand you want to see, and gain transparency through our intuitive dashboard.

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Minimize your effort

A balanced mix of control and automation that allows you to limit the effort you need to spend on managing revenue, while retaining the transparency and control that gives you an edge.

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