MoPub's platform maximizes your revenue.

MoPub provides a powerful, flexible solution designed to maximize your mobile revenue by combining network mediation, ad serving, and MoPub Marketplace, our real-time bidding exchange. We connect you with over 180 global demand sources and enable dynamic competition for every impression. Our easy-to-use platform, trusted by leading mobile app developers around the world, leverages rich data signals to increase yield on every impression and provides you with the transparency, control, and insights you need to grow your business.

Top-of-the-line network mediation

Free and flexible mediation for your mobile ad networks

MoPub’s network mediation solution empowers publishers to work with the partners of their choice through one platform. Our flexible mediation system allows publishers to target the right inventory with the right mobile ad network partner, and our certified partner connections reduce the overhead of working with multiple demand sources.

Max Ad Revenue

Maximize ad revenue

Automatically prioritize networks based on CPM for different parts of your inventory.

Certified networks accelerate your development cycle

Accelerate your development cycle

Quick access through a single platform to multiple ad sources that have been vetted, certified, and tested; easily switch between networks with built-in mediation control features.

Diversify your ad sources

Diversify your ad sources

Boost ad quality and diversity by working with multiple ad networks, managed in one place.

Full-featured ad serving

Our best-in-class ad server supports all the tools you need to grow your business

Built for the needs of rapidly growing and evolving mobile publishers and app developers, MoPub’s robust ad serving platform supports the major campaign management, targeting, and reporting features you need to grow your business.

Max Ad Revenue

Grow your monetization strategy with your business

Work directly with advertisers or cross-promote with house ads at any priority.

Max Ad Revenue

Leverage holistic ad serving tools

Manage your direct campaigns with tools designed for the needs of today’s mobile publisher.

Max Ad Revenue

Trust in a reliable and robust hosted ad serving platform

Built on top-tier infrastructure for 99.9% server uptime.

MoPub Marketplace

A real-time bidding exchange connected to over 180 demand sources helps you to maximize the value of each ad impression.

MoPub Marketplace is the leading mobile in-app real-time bidding (RTB) exchange.

Max Ad Revenue

Instant access to global demand with no additional SDKs or development

Thousands of top advertisers can bid programmatically at the impression level, helping you to maximize your earnings for every ad impression.

Max Ad Revenue

Competing ad sources maximize your revenue

Networks and MoPub Marketplace compete on price to ensure each impression of your inventory is filled by the source willing to pay the most.

Max Ad Revenue

Granular, flexible controls and transparency

Maintain control over your user experience with advanced settings and robust ad management tools in our creative dashboard.

Success Story

Ubisoft doubles LTVs with rewarded video

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