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The MoPub monetization platform is designed to maximize your mobile revenue by bringing together all of your demand sources — direct sold, ad networks, and demand-side platforms (DSPs) — under a single unified auction, in which each ad impression is sold to the highest bidder. Our easy-to-use platform, trusted by leading mobile app developers around the world, leverages rich data signals to increase yield on every impression and provides you with the transparency, control, and insights you need to grow your business. And from Advanced Bidding to impression-level revenue data, we're always working to develop new solutions to drive success for our publishers.

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MoPub provides an open platform that is transparent and empowers publishers to work with over 130 demand partners in one place. As a publisher, you can trust that the highest net bid always wins, and we offer detailed reporting to back this up. 

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Control your destiny. With Advanced Bidding, MoPub is further simplifying the process of working with ad networks, as more inventory is transacted in real-time automatically. The end result: increased yield for less effort. For publishers that want to retain a more hands-on approach, our platform offers a powerful set of ad management tools, enabling publishers to experiment and determine the mix of automated and manually-controlled strategies that work best for their specific inventory monetization goals.


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MoPub’s platform empowers app publishers to enable real-time competition from the top demand sources worldwide (including unique demand from Twitter). Competition from these high quality demand sources ensures maximum yield for publishers. Additionally, we've taken steps to preserve a healthy exchange by building direct integrations with the industry's leading MRC-accredited mobile traffic quality management vendors.

Success Story

Easybrain increases ARPDAU by +30%

Using MoPub's enterprise-grade platform, Easybrain (known for and Pixel Art games) was able to increase their average revenue per daily active user by 30%.

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